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Summer Playlist: Part 3

Summer Playlist: Part 3


Some more songs to add to that perfect summer playlist:


     1)  Ease on Down the Road - Diana Ross and Michael Jackson  -  An upbeat track from a little known musical, ‘The Wiz.’ This is an alternative take on the Wizard of Oz, and is much more funky. This song is the alternative to ‘Follow the Yellow Brick Road,’ and will have you wanting to dance down the streets with catchy riffs, a great horn section, and fabulous vocals from two musical powerhouses.


       2)  Some Nights - Fun.  -  A song that was very popular a few years ago, feature some insanely catchy ‘woah’s’ and touching lyrics. A song that clearly takes influence from Simon and Garfunkel’s ‘Cecilia,’ so it’s no wonder it’s a hit.


      3)  Dance Apocalyptic - Janelle Monae  -  This should be the anthem to any summer. It is insanely catchy, with a funk-soul feel, and incredible vocals from miss Monae. The beat is fast, and the lyrics are playful and fun. The song never becomes boring because there are subtle differences between instrumentation and vocals in each. The chords are major, and the arrangement filled with jazzy instruments, all making for a catchy summer hit


      4)  Shampain - Marina and the Diamonds  -  A song for Marina’s debut album, ‘the Family Jewels.’ It sounds like an odd fusion between Abba and Queen, and is all the better for it. Marina’s powerful and unique vocals, reaching deep, low notes, and then soaring to breathtakingly high notes, give the song a truly special quality. It’s a wonderful mix of pop, electronica and more.


      5)   Happy - Pharrell  -  As the name suggests, this song is a breath of life, filled with happiness and joy. Pharrell’s vocals are light and whimsical, and the song breaks down into neo-soul vocals and clapping, making it a wonderfully rhythmical and memorable piece.


     6)   Riviera Life - Caro Emerald   -  A retro-feeling song from Caro’s first album, that talks of escaping in a convertible with your hair blowing in the breeze, to have a much-deserved holiday. The horn section if light but punctuates the song well, and with Caro’s divine voice, you can’t help but feel like it’s summer.


     7)  That’s Not My Name - The Ting Tings  -  An indie offering from 2008 that was a massive hit in that year. The song tells of a girl pretending to be something she is not, and subsequently, she gets called lots of names that aren’t her own. The song is a smooth indie elctro-pop almost, and features some stunning harmonic lines later in the song, and a wonderful blending of vocal and lyrical lines.

     8)  I Wish - Stevie Wonder  -  A classic Stevie Wonder tune from ‘Songs in the Key of Life,’ that you will become instantly addicted to. It has one of the best basslines you will ever hear, that really drives the song. As per usual, there is a great horn section, syncopating the vocals and eventually taking on the vocal riff at the end. Wonder’s voice in on top form, and the lyrics can’t help but make you feel a wonderful sense of nostalgia for your younger days.



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