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Summer Playlist

Summer Playlist

It can be hard to find new music to listen to sometimes, so here’s a playlist of songs that are perfect for the Summer months:


     1)   Sunlight - The Magician  -  This is one of my favourite summer tracks. It’s upbeat, with a catchy riff, great electronica, unique vocals and a good sense of rhythm. The beat is a perfect walking pace for when you’re strolling round town in the summer, and the song only has to small sections, so its impossible for it to not get stuck in your head.


      2)   Runaway Love - Alice Gold  -  A cute indie track that talks of running away and having a romantic trip to Paris, Berlin, and other places. Gold has nice, flowing vocals that capture the innocence of the song. This song has such rich imagery that it is perfect as a form of escapism- you can really see yourself sipping champagne by the Seine!


      3)  Carmensita - Devendra Banhart  -  An addictive Spanish number with infectious guitar that is surprisingly sing-able, even if you don’t know the language! You’ll find yourself transported to a Spanish seaside town, being serenaded by Banhart and his guitar, and you’ll be joining in with the ‘la la la’s.’


      4)  Put Your Records On - Corinne Bailey Rae  - A throwback number that even has a summery music video. Rae sings of songbirds, sunshine and faded jeans, in a beautiful, relaxing and also vibrant neo-soul number.


      5)  Hold My Hand - Jess Glynne  -  A song that gently builds up from just a couple of notes into a full arrangement, with catchy and distinctive vocals, a repetitive rhythm and sense of chiming from the instruments reflecting the happy summer sound.


     6)  Sunchyme - Dario G  -  Dario takes the main motif of his summer track from ‘Life in a Northern Town,’ and essentially repeats it with slightly different instrumentation for a really vibrant sound that utterly exemplifies Summer, with the group singing the motif to the steel drums.


      7)  Pack Up - Eliza Doolittle  -  Doolittle’s catchy anthem that sings of throwing away all your troubles and just being happy within yourself. Her sweet voice echos on from a deep soulful voice featured on the track, and there is a beautifully written horn section punctuating the entire song, making for the perfect summer hit.


     8)  On Broadway - George Benson  - A classic soul number with a truly memorable bass line, silky smooth lyrics and a wonderful jazz orchestration. You’ll find yourself dancing down the street to this one.


     9)  Waking Up in Vegas - Katy Perry  -  A Pop tune to liven up your summer, with an amusing storyline involving misadventures in Vegas. The song even has the sounds of slot machines in the background, so you can imagine you’re far away from where you are, enjoying the luxury of Las Vegas. Perry’s vocals are playful and teasing, and the lyrics are light hearted, coupled with a catchy chord progression.

    10)  Uptown Funk - Mark Ronson ft. Bruno Mars  -  Of course. The tune that was played non-stop over the past couple of years. With good reason. Lackadaisical lyrics about the high-life and playful tauntings about being too hot- ‘call the police! And the firemen!’ Add this to a funk bassline and a dynamic guitar line, and there you have the song of the summer.



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