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Summer and Winter Fetes

Summer and Winter Fetes

This is a fundraiser that your school probably does twice a year, run by the PTA, to raise money for school. That’s right, those summer and winter fairs! These are much bigger in Primary schools than Secondary schools, but there’s no reason why they can’t be done in both. You’ll need to persuade the school to let you help run them though, or at least donate the funds, or even a percentage of the funds, they make to charity. That will be the tough bit, but if you can get parents and teachers on board you should manage just fine. Here’s a simple outline to what you’ll need to do:


First things first, pick a venue, time and date. If it’s the summer, outside in a school field is the perfect venue, however you’ll need to be inside if it’s winter. You could chose to do your fair after school one day or, more popularly, on a Saturday lunchtime/afternoon. Once you’ve done this you can start advertising. You want to drum up as much interest as possible, and give everyone as much notice as possible so they don’t miss it! And don’t just invite students and family, events like these are for the whole community so maybe post leaflets or put up notices in local shops too.


Next you need stalls. In terms of basic needs you’ll want a drink stall, food stall, and cake stall. Other than that it’s up to you. Most fairs will have a book stall, face painting stall, used toys stall, nail painting stall, and a number of competitive games to play for a small fee. Sometimes schools even hire a bouncy castle for the day as they can be very popular will all ages! It’s also a good idea to run a raffle throughout the day as that always rakes in the money!


In terms of people running the stalls, it’s an idea to ask local business if they want the free advertisement of running a stall for charity. If not you’re relying on volunteering teachers, parents and students to help out. Lots of the things being sold will be brought in from people’s homes second hand too, so it’s important to ask more as much help as you can get organising and acquiring all these things.


Once you’ve done all this, all that’s left is to decorate the hall and stalls you’re in and open the doors for business! Bring in all the money from all the stalls and count it up and send it off and you’re done! If you pull this fundraiser off without a hitch you’ll be organising royalty in my book! Good luck!

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