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   Now here’s a tough sport to play! Squash is usually played between two players, but can be played as a double match, and at beginner/intermediate level is scored on the best of three matches. A player can win a match by being the first to score nine points (eleven in rally games) and games are often fast paced with very high intensity. The rules of play are as follows:


 - Opponents take it in turns to hit the ball.


 - The ball may hit the ground only once between each hit.


 - The ball can hit the side and back walls below the out lines.


 - The ball must bounce off the front wall, above the metal strip known as the tin.


   The squash court is usually rectangular in shape and reasonably small, which often means that the players get in each other’s way whilst attempting to bat the ball off the wall. Points can be gained either when a player fails to return a shot, or if the opponent plays a bad ball, for example if it bounced twice or hit the tin.


   Squash is a highly popular sport, played in over 150 nations and squash courts are becoming more and more commonplace in leisure centres too! Playing squash can develop your hand-eye coordination and help you to reach a high fitness level.


   This sport has its origins in the UK and is notable for holding its first championships in 1922 for women only, with the first men’s championship eight years later! This was during a time when the battle for gender equality was peaking, which made the presence of an all-women’s open even more significant.


   Squash certainly cannot be considered a "girly" sport! You need to be super-fast to keep up with the speed of the game, which, like any sport, takes a lot of training.

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