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Sports Day

Sports Day

A Sports Day is another fundraising event that works best when done through your school. You can raise money in a number of different way, on their own, or altogether. As always, it’s essential you choose your charity/charities first, as people are often interested to know what cause they’re giving money to, and they may give more if the cause has any personal links to them.


Assuming your school is happy for you to organise this event, the first thing you need to do it pick a day and time. It might be possible to have this event within the school day, as a one off, or maybe in a lunchtime. If not, a Saturday afternoon on a sunny weekend works just as well. Try and see if you can get the school to let you host on your school field, as this is somewhere all your competitors will know how to get to, so minimising confusion.


The next step is to pick your events. It’s important you pick events that you know your classmates will enjoy doing. There are the classic sports day events like the egg-and-spoon race, or the three legged race that you could use as they are fun and accessible to anyone, whether they’re good at sports or not. Equally, you can pick events from athletics, like the 100m, or the long jump, to draw out the more competitive students. Try at have between 10 and 20 events running throughout the day.


Now you need to find people to compete in your Sports Day. Whether you get people to volunteer or you get them to pay a 50p entry fee is up to you. Generally that decision depends on how much enthusiasm there is for the Sports Day to start up with. Once all your places are filled, it’s time to invite your spectators. For this, I would suggest making small tickets with the date, time, place, and entry fee price, which should be around £1. If you give everyone competing 5 tickets to sell, you should make a decent amount.


For extra money making tips, you could suggest events that require sponsorship. You could also set up various cake and drink stalls on the day so the spectators can keep refreshed whilst watching their friends and family compete. All the small prices raised from these ideas will add up to an amount that could make a huge difference to your charity. To keep your competitors in their best spirits, it's a good idea to have some form of prize for the top three places in each division. These could be some cheaply bought medals for instance.


Last but not least it’s time to collect and count all the money and send it off to your charity, maybe with some pictures of the day! Let us know how your charity sports day went too! We’re dying to hear all about it!

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