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Sponsored Bike Ride

Sponsored Bike Ride

Sponsored bike rides are incredibly in fashion in terms of charity fund raisers. Tonnes of celebrities have done them over the last few years, including David Walliams, Fearne Cotton and Davina McCall! If you’re reading this article, you’re probably contemplating the thought that it’s time you joined this rank of sponsored bike riding legends. I’m right, aren’t I? Well there are two main ways to get involved with this. You either a) create your own, or b) join a sponsored route.


I’ll explain B first. There are a number of charities who run sponsored bike rides, like sponsored runs, in which you pay and entry fee to join the ride, and part of this entry goes to the charity whilst the other part goes towards the running of the event. You’re also given sponsorship forms so you can ask your friends and family to sponsor you. A really famous example of this kind of event is the British Heart Foundation’s London to Brighton bike ride. However, big events like this are usually over a huge and challenging distance, so you’ll need to be an ace cyclist to join in. It might be worth saving this kind of event until you’re in your late teens.


However, that doesn’t mean you can’t do one yourself. Just like a sponsored run you can easily create your own route for you, your friends or your sports team to do for charity. It will be much more fun if you have a group of people to cycle with, and probably safer too, so it might be worth trying to get a group of interested people together to plan your event. You’ll need to plan a route, of a distance that will challenge your cycling ability but that also is entirely safe with cycling lanes the entire way, and set a date and time to start. Once you’ve sorted all these little details out it’s time to advertise.


Let your friends and family know what you’re doing and ask them to sponsor you for your efforts. They only give you money once you’ve completed the event so it will be a good motivation whilst you’re struggling on the actual bike ride. Make sure you tell them what charity you’re sending your money to as this might sway them to help! Also, the more people you have cycling, the more money you’ll raise as everyone can put their money together! Lastly, on the day, make sure you take lots of pictures (maybe get a parent or friend to do them), and send the pictures off with the money you’ve raised to the charity you chose! I hope everything goes well with your sponsored bike ride! Don’t hesitate to let us know here at Kings how it went!

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