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Snow Jars

Snow Jars

Christmas is gone now, but winter is still upon us, and in the UK at least, it’s getting to that point where many of us are hopeful for snow. I myself love this time of year, for the weather in particular, and so my craft this week today is going to be snow themed. The snow globe is pretty well-known to most people as both a gift and a collectable item, and you will probably recognise the sort you can buy at cheap tourist markets, but it’s actually possible to make your own from home. It can make a great winter decoration or you can save the idea for next Christmas since these make wonderful presents. This also means you’ll have plenty of time to practice over the coming year! You can really personalise ideas like this so, though they do not actually cost very much, recipients will definitely appreciate the thought put into them.


The things you’ll need for this craft are:   A clear glass jar

                                                                           A centrepiece ornament 

                                                                           Waterproof Glue




As in previous articles, any other materials you will need are pretty commonplace and so you should be able to find them lying around your home.

Step 1: The Ornament

Take the lid off your jar. This will become the base of your snow-globe, since when it is finished it will be positioned upside-down. Because of this, it is where you will most likely want your ornament to stand. Test your ornament in several places to see what looks good. Then, when you are ready paste the waterproof glue onto the base of your ornament and press it to the inside of the jar lid for several seconds. It then needs to be left for drying and this can take roughly a day. The ornament itself is best when it’s something personal. It may be related to an inside joke between the gift-giver and receiver, or just related to something that they’re interested in, but this is perhaps the most important decision since it is what makes this particular snow-globe a better gift than one you could buy at a souvenir shop. For those you are less close with you could also choose something more festive, such as an old Christmas tree ornament with the ribbon removed.

Step 2: Filling the Jar

Now you should fill the jar almost completely to the top with water. Bottled water is best, since it is cleaner, and this will make your snow globe last longer. Then, top it off with a little Glycerine. You should only have to pour the bottle for about one second to get enough and you don’t want to use too much. Just a small amount should achieve what it needs to, making the glitter or ‘snow’ in the jar fall more slowly. Finally, add the glitter, using at least enough to cover the bottom of the jar, and stir, mixing all three ingredients. Check that the jar is now completely filled, otherwise there will be air bubbles in the final product and this makes it look less professional.

Step 3. Finishing

To finish, you should reseal your jar with the lid which has the ornament now attached. During this process, you should expect the jar to overflow considerably dependant on the size of the ornament inside, but this is just a part of the necessary procedure since it allows the jar to be filled sufficiently leaving no air bubbles. Once the lid is screwed back on and sealed, you can dry up any excess water that has overflowed and your snow globe is complete.

If you succeed in making this craft and want to take it further, you could also decorate the outside of the jar, or attach ribbon to it to make a hanging decoration. Festive and personal gifts like this really stand out against the usual expected presents that have been bought online because of the obvious time and effort that has been put into them and they’re also a lot of fun to make too! As well as this, making them is a fun activity that can be done with the whole family and a great opportunity for bonding where everyone can make their own personally styled snow globe.


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