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'Slave for a day'

'Slave for a day'

This fundraiser is exactly what it says on the tin. For a small fee, you’ll do whatever someone tells you to do, within reason, for a whole day. All proceeds go to charity. You might just pick one person, say your grandmother for instance, though then you can only expect around £20 for a day’s work. However, if you find a company or persuade the school to employ you for a day, you may find that you’ll get a pay rise. Indeed, if you’re doing something particularly difficult, you may be able to get people to sponsor you for your work… though that’s less likely. Here’s a day in the life of the staffroom slave:


Today, Cat’s being employed by the staffroom to do all the little bits and pieces at school that the teachers don’t have time for. Every teacher who asks her to do something gives her £5, so the quicker she does the work, the more work she can get done, and the better quality she does the work, the more teachers will come to give her.


The first task Cat had to do was look through all the registers in the morning and take out all of the out-of-date leaflets and notices, and all of the absence notes. She recycled the first, and gave the latter to the teacher who asked her to do the task. This took her around twenty minutes because there were an awful lot of registers for her whole school!


The second task Cat did was taking notices for pupils to their classrooms around the school. The pupils she had to give things to, were from all the age groups, so she got particularly nervous when taking notices to the sixth formers! Plus she had to interrupt classes to give the notes out, so that was always scary! However, after a morning of this torture, and a LOT of walking, Cat finished this task.


At break, Cat helped the teachers in the snack hut, selling food to pupils. It was really really busy at break because everybody wanted kitkats, and she had to do some incredibly fast mental maths, but after 20 minutes she was free to find a new task to do!


Her task for the time before lunch was the worst by far! Cat had to sit in the staff room and help one of the teachers do marking! They were multiple choice quizzes from all of year seven, so they were easy to mark, but there were so many of them! After she completed this task, she had to go round to classes and collect students who had meetings with mentors and who had music lessons during class time.


At lunch, Cat helped the PE office sort through the changing rooms, collecting any kit that students had left in there and folding it and putting it in lost property. She then helped the PE teachers set up the gym for the next lesson.


For the rest of the day, Cat did two guided tours of the school for the deputy head teacher. Over the entire day, Cat managed to raise £50 for the charity her school vowed to give money to!


Your day could be a lot like this if you can get your school to agree to it… if not, it’s definitely worth contacting local companies that offer work experience. However, you could find yourself making a lot of tea and coffee!

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