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Significant Disney Films

Significant Disney Films


What happens when you mix a 19th Centaury novel, steampunk, space, and Disney? Apparently, a much loved children’s classic. “Treasure Planet”, released in 2002, whilst not one of Disney’s best recognised films, is nevertheless a comforting one. One of the many Disney films which holds a special place in the heart of many a teenager, it offers a tale of strength and bravery, as well as acting as an introduction to classic literature for younger children. With the popular recent releases of Disney, “Frozen”, “Big Hero Six”, and “Inside Out” to name a few; it can be easy to forget some of the late 1990, and early 2000 films which captured the hearts of many, and are certainly still relevant to the younger generation. So, without further ado, here are some older Disney films that might just be perfect for the next rainy day.


The aforementioned “Treasure Planet” may be a film that flies under the radar, but for those who have seen it, it’s an undoubtedly enjoyable watch. Jim Hawkins, our hero, receives a map from a dying customer at his mother’s inn; a map to a planet which is said to contain riches from a thousand worlds. Hiring a crew, Hawkins encounters challenge after challenge in a race with mutinous crewmembers to find the treasure, determined to repay his mother for all she has done for him. The classic pirate story compliments its contrast of an otherworldly setting that is outer space, which also permits absolutely stunning background animation. With adventure for younger audience members, and plenty of classic references for older viewers, “Treasure Planet” is undoubtedly a wonderful film.



“Lilo and Stitch” is another staple Disney film that combines the old, and the new. Aliens and traditional Hula dancing aren’t things that are expected to mix, and yet, Disney finds a way. Released in 2002 like “Treasure Planet”, “Lilo and Stitch” follows the story of a little Hawaiian girl’s friendship with… her dog. Well, less dog; more alien genetic experiment, created intentionally as a living weapon. Unlike “Treasure Planet”, however, “Lilo and Stitch” had more notable success; being followed by two spin off television shows, and two spin off movies. The loveable characters, and the familial nature of the message, complimented again by beautiful background scenes, will leave everyone enchanted with one of Disney’s best films.


The film “Mulan” seems to hold a special place in the hearts of many. For many sixteen to nineteen year olds, this was their first Disney princess film, and what’s more, it’s about a girl who saves an entire country. With great songs, jokes, and a heart warming conclusion, the award nominations are certainly no surprise. The music is amazingly catchy; anyone who’s seen the film has caught themselves singing “Be a Man” under their breath at least once guaranteed. Just as action-packed as “Treasure Planet” and “Lilo and Stitch”, like the previous two films, “Mulan” places an emphasis on self-loyalty, and loving one’s family. A beautiful film, and a joy to watch.


All of these films are currently available on the English Netflix, so, if you have a free afternoon, no matter your age, indulge with an occasionally overlooked Disney classic. Both you and the film deserve it!



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