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Emma Eismontaite


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About Me:Hello! My name is Emma, and I'm fifteen. I do tennis as well as horse-riding. Also, I love Art and English, and have chosen to write stories because I love creative writing! x

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Sequel to the book: 'Matilda' - Part 1

Sequel to the book: 'Matilda' - Part 1


Part 1


The sequel to the book:




By Roald Dahl.



“Would you like strawberry jam, cherry jam, or apricot marmalade?”

      Miss Honey asked Matilda politely, handing her the pot of brown and white sugar lumps to plop into their sweet tea.

     Matilda and Miss Honey were having breakfast in their new house and getting ready to go to school. Matilda was wearing her usual light-azure dress, which billowed around her knees slightly. As usual, her ebony-black hair was let loose and she had the sunniest beam plastered on her face, as Miss Trunchbull was gone at last.

     “Actually, could I just have butter please” replied Matilda sweetly. When Miss Honey had passed the milky butter down to her from the huge fridge, Matilda spread the butter onto her two crunchy pieces of toast and began munching.

     As soon as Matilda had strapped her shoes on tightly and Miss Honey had slipped on her new, chestnut-coloured boots, they both headed out into the summery breeze and padded out onto the flowery path and into their front garden; where a school of fish were swimming about in the large, oblong pond.

     Miss Honey left Matilda in the busy playground, where children were buzzing around, playing Tag and chatting. Fortunately, because Miss Trunchbull had disappeared mysteriously, Miss Honey had been promoted to Head Teacher, as Miss Trunchbull is her aunt and her relative. But she still teaches Matilda’s class. 

     Matilda shot out of the playground and into her classroom as soon as the bell rang loudly, sitting down in her correct seat, arranging her pencils and books and pressing her hands down firmly into her lap, just as Miss Honey came striding in. 

     Their classroom was possibly the most colourful and active, in its own, extraordinary way. Bright pictures, paintings and murals were pinned up on the walls and one wall had an enormous shelf that took up every inch of space and it was full to the brim with interesting novels and stories. Matilda, of course, had read every single one of them, but that didn’t seem to matter to her, because she always plodded into the library near her and Miss Honey often accompanied her.

    This unique girl may only be six, but she would always answer very difficult addition, subtraction or division questions in a matter of seconds. But her favourite type of question was always where she had to do multiplication. Miss Honey always had a hard maths question in mind for Matilda, specifically, every morning; just to make sure that her mind was fresh and working.

     “What is 356 times 297?” asked Miss Honey. Her questions got harder every time.  

     “105, 732,” answered Matilda proudly. Everybody was flabbergasted by this. It happened every time she answered a question that nobody else knew.

     “OK, everybody, could you turn to page 12 in your new reading books and let’s start reading. Lavender, would you kindly start us off?” asked Miss Honey.

     Lavender was Matilda’s friend at school. She was kind and shy but a really good, smart friend.

     After playing with her at lunch and after doing an exciting experiment in science, Matilda zoomed out of school and ran all the way home with her teacher. She had a crazy idea, but she was dying to try it out to see if it worked.


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