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Seeking for help

Seeking for help

Seeking for help


One hot, dry, dusty afternoon Aliya and Julian had been peacefully watching amusing TV. When suddenly …


A loud crash made an entrance. It had come from their beloved parents' work space/ office. As quick as a darting cheater they whizzed to their parents' office but there was no one in the elongated office! However, their loving parents' chairs had been chucked aggressively on the dark oak wood laminated floors!


Rushing, worriedly, they checked their friendly neighbourhood; they were no were to be found! So, they took out their phones (their favourite gifts from their parents) and attempted to call their parents. Sadly, neither of their busy parents answered their phones! Their parents, Liz and Gary, always answered their phones NO MATTER WHAT!

Seconds later, they pondered agonizingly who on earth would try to kidnap their helpful parents.


Many years ago…


Gary and Liz had been working for the fabulous bank and they had a business partner named Joe.  Joe had the ability to open the safe and take the addicting money! What they didn’t  know was that every week when they were away Joe had been stealing £1,000,000.

Despite his caution , Gary had found out about it, and he then explained to the boss, which then got him FIRED! Moreover, that wasn’t the only thing that happened; it had been placed in his job CV which had ruined his miserable career. Furthermore, he had to go to prison for 15yrs.

As no one had liked despicable Joe in any manner, he then decided to live his depressed life in the large haunted forest!




 After many minutes of stuffing themselves with scrumptious snacks they had set off for their long journey!


“Agar..” screamed Aliya petrified.

“Hey, let's call the highly trained police officers!” offered Julian helpfully.

So they called the professional police. Suddenly they arrived into a round house.Then, a tall hairy man came out of the camp. As soon he left the place they rushed into the treehouse and screamed, “MUM, DAD, WHERE ARE YOU GUYS?!”  Seconds later they heard mumbling coming from the dark room. They rushed to their parents and untied them. Suddenly they heard banging on the oak door and they quietly peaked through and it was…

 THE POLICE! So they explained everything, and then the police hid as well as circling them. Suddenly he was surrounded by hard working police officer pointing guns at them. The police officers had their guns pointing straight at him.

"Whatever you say or do will be used against you in the court of law!” He was taken to court and was charged for abduction;  prison for life!



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