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Secret of the Sirens by Julia Golding

Secret of the Sirens by Julia Golding

Secret of the Sirens is the first book of four from Julia Golding’s Companions Quartet. It is a wonderful, heart-warming, fantasy novel, creating a whole new world within our own one that makes you wish it were real. The book takes place in a fictional town, imagined on the Southern coast of England, called Hescombe. It is here that our heroine, 11 year old Connie Lionheart, lives with her aunt Evelyn. Connie is new to the town, therefore you will experience the anxiety of coming to a new place, and starting a new school, along with Connie, which are experiences I’m sure many of us have had. She does make some close friends very quickly, including the coolest boy in the school, Col Clamworthy. However, Connie has another new and exciting prospect to come to terms with in Hescombe.


Hescombe is the centre of the secret that is the Society for the Protection of Mythical Creatures, though the society does not just protect the creatures, but each member has a special connection with a particular mythical being. The Society classifies it’s creatures into four categories: the Company of Reptiles and Sea Creatures, the Company of Winged Beasts, the Company of Two and Four legged Beasts, and the Company of Four Elements. After discovering this world that her both her Aunt and her friend Col belong to, Connie is quickly dragged into it, finding that she has her own affinity to magical creatures too. Which creature she connects to is up to you to find out!


As Connie becomes more involved with the Society, it becomes evident that things are taking a turn for the worse. She finds out about Kullervo, the super-villain of this novel, is gathering and army of mythical creatures who want to reclaim the Earth as their own, destroying humankind. Despite being a new and inexperienced member of the Society, it becomes evident that Connie has a large part to play in the battle against Kullervo. She has to train with the Trustees of the Society, who are the leaders of each of the four Companies. Kinga Potowska and companion, a dragon named Morjik, help Connie the powers of the Reptiles and Sea Creatures; Eagle-Child, and companion, Storm-Bird, teach Connie about the powers of the Winged Beasts; Kira Okona and her unicorn companion, Windfoal, impart the knowledge of the Tour-Fours; and Frederick Cony and his rock dwarf companion, Gard, teach Connie about the powers of the Four Elements.


With all this knowledge, Connie becomes a force to be reckoned with. But will it be enough to face Kullervo and his forces? Who will come out on top in this first of four, endlessly exciting books from Julia Golding? Will Connie manage to stay good, or will she be corrupted by the evil of Kullervo like many before her? The answers are a page turn away! If you love fantasy and adventure, and enjoy reading about mythical creatures, this is certainly the book for you.

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