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Sea Turtles

Sea Turtles

Sea turtles, just like crocodiles and some types of sharks and marine animals, are unique to other species of animal alive today as they were around at the same time as the dinosaurs. These much loved animals have been alive for millions of years and have developed amazing capabilities to live and survive on their own in their habitats, such as stream lined shells and incredible strength to be able to swim away and escape from predators. There are seven species of sea turtle that can be found today, and have a diet which mainly consists of other marine life like jellyfish and crabs as well as seaweed. Similar to many of the other animals I have written about sea turtles are greatly endangered, with six out of the seven species in existence threatened. Turtles are mainly under threat because of the dangers which are posed in the seas like being trapped or caught in fishing nets, ocean pollution and poaching. Being air breathers, despite living for most of their lives in the sea, turtles drown upon being tangled in nets and fishing lines when they travel great distances in the water to migrate. Sea turtles can be found in almost every ocean in the world, so can swim long distances in order to feed and mate. When mating season does come along, the female turtles will for perhaps the first time in their lives, except for their hatching, set foot on dry land to lay their eggs on the shore. In order to help the preservation of sea turtles and help to improve their numbers organisations are trying to improve the pollution levels in the seas, as well as cleaning up the oceans of stray nets and plastic bags for which the turtles mistake for jellyfish and choke on.

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