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One of the simplest crafts to get into, scrapbooking is a great way of keeping treasured memories with you forever, and can also be used to make a sweet gift for someone you have a strong and special relationship with. A bit of a sentimentalist at heart, I tend to keep all sorts of things that I don’t really need, just because I hate the idea of leaving those memories behind, but I often make the classic mistake of just leaving them around the house to clutter up the place, and soon forget why I have them, defeating my aim of treasuring them in the first place. If you, like me, also like to collect souvenirs of those special moments in your life, then I urge you to put them to good use through a craft like scrapbooking.

One of the best things about this craft is how simple and cheap it is. Since the majority of the materials you will be using will be collected from other activities and occasions, these will be free, and the others items that you will need to buy are relatively cheap, such as paper. The craft uses many of the same materials and equipment as card-making does so these are good craft activities to take up together. A lot of equipment needed can also be found just lying around the house, such as glue and scissors. The simplicity of the craft is nice as well since all you really need is the ability to cut and stick and a good sense of what looks good on a page and you can create great results. Scrap books do however admittedly look better when real care and attention is taken to each page, and are often a hobby of perfectionists.

The most expensive thing you’ll need to buy for this is the scrapbook itself. There are some really nice ones you can buy from Paperchase and other stationary stores. Alternatively, you can just buy any blank book, and then can cover it with some wrapping paper or even wallpaper of your choice which may be cheaper and give it a more personal touch.

Once you’ve got all of your stuff ready, you can get started. The aim is really just to fit all of the items or photographs you’ve collected into the book, making them look as organised and pretty as possible. You can use different types of patterned paper as backgrounds, or to mount the items on. You can also use a load of other craft techniques and materials such as stamps and stickers, and you can even sketch on some of the pages if this is something you are in to.

How you organise your scrapbook is a big thing to think about as well. For example, some choose to start a new scrapbook for every year, making it easier to find specific memories that you want to revisit. Also, it is often nice to designate a double-page spread to each specific event or activity that you are commemorating.

While this is not a craft for everyone, for those with personalities similar to mine, this is a great way to keep hold of those things you attach meaning to without the hassle of them cluttering up your home. For those who like the idea but cannot make long-term time commitments, a similar but less time-consuming idea is to make a memory box. You can decorate the box and make it look really special, but from then on, all you have to do is put your objects in it. 


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