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School Dress Down Day

School Dress Down Day

The idea of a dress down day for charity is one that I’ve seen done both at schools and in the workplace alike, though it takes a lot of cooperation from people in charge! For example, if you want your school to host a dress down day, you’ll have to go to your head teacher and suggest the idea, almost like a pitch on Dragon’s Den! This article will hopefully help you put that pitch together perfectly so that you can host a HUGE dress down day at school which will raise tonnes of money for the charities you pick!


First things first: what is a dress down day? A dress down day is a day when everyone pays a small amount of money, say £1, to wear their own clothes to school, or work, or anywhere where there is a uniform enforced. This doesn’t seem like much, but if you imagine a secondary school, in one year group alone there are around 200 pupils. That means £200 would be raised from one year group. Times that by five, and you could raise £1000 from years 7 to 11 just by paying a pound to wear jeans and a tee shirt! This alone could be enough to persuade your head teacher to do it, but if not it’s time to consider your charities.


It’s important to pick your charities and find out what they do before you suggest your fundraiser. If you can tell your head teacher exactly what the money the school raises will go towards, you’ll be giving them less work to do and proving that you’ve done your research and are committed to your idea! Find out if your school has particular charities that they’ve vouched to raise money for and pick them, this way you’re helping the school do something that they need to do anyway.


It’s likely your school will pick a date they think best for the event. However, if they ask if you’ve a plan for it, make sure you do! Fridays are good days to have dress down days, and towards the end of term too!


Next step is to volunteer. You’ll need a team of students to go around every form group collecting the money from each student. That includes sheets with everyone’s name on that you can tick off when you’ve been given the money. These sheets will be provided by your school, but by volunteering you’re taking away any hassle that might have been left to teacher to organise.


Fingers crossed your head teacher says yes and starts the plan rolling! All that’s left to do is plan your outfit! Enjoy!

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