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Scandinavian Recipe: Danish Meatballs

Scandinavian Recipe: Danish Meatballs

Frikadeller, or Meat Balls, are a Danish dish that resembles the Swedish meatballs you may have tried in IKEA. Except Frikadeller have more ingredients and are larger. They are very versatile and can be used in everything from dinner with some new potatoes and a good salad, or for lunch on some buttered rye bread with beetroot. Although they are wonderful when they have just been made, you can also freeze them if that suits you better.


500 g ground pork, 10% fat

1 egg

2 tablespoons wheat flour

1,5 onion

A splash of milk

1 teaspoon salt

Pepper (as much as you like)


In a bowl, mix the ground pork and the alt and flour. Mix it until it feels more firm and dense.


Add the egg and stir again.


Chop the onions into fine little squares. Be sure to ask your parents help on this part, as there is always some risk when you are working with knives. When the onions are chopped, add them to the mix and stir it again until it becomes firm and dense again.


Add milk and stir until the mixture is so firm that you can shape it.


Dip two tablespoons in warm water and then use them to shape the frikadeller into round balls.


Melt a bit of butter on the pan and heat it until it just starts to turn slightly golden brown – butter tastes of more when it is browned, but it burns very quickly so be sure not to overdo it. When you’ve shaped the meat, put it on the pan with the butter and fry the meatballs 4 minutes on each side approximately or until they are browned all the way through and crispy on the outside. Check if they are red inside by taking one off the pan and cutting it open. Beware that if the balls are not all the same size, they will get ready at different times, the small ones first and the larger ones later.


When they are browned, you can serve your very own homemade Frikadeller! If you are serving them for dinner, serve them with boiled new potatoes turned in a small bit of butter and parsley and a good salad for a classic Danish meal. If you want to eat them for lunch, they taste amazing on rye bread with a bit of butter, topped with cucumber or slices of pickled beetroot.


If you don’t like pork, or can’t eat if for religious reasons, these are delicious with chicken as well! If that is the case simply substitute the pork with 500 g chicken, 5% fat. As chicken doesn’t have quite as much flavor as pork, you can add more ingredients depending on what you like; for example, spring onions (3 small onions) and bell pepper (1/2) and both delicious. Use the same method to cook these are the other frikadeller. Enjoy your meal!


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