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Rendlesham Forest U.F.O

Rendlesham Forest U.F.O

Aliens. Are they real or are they imagined? There have been multiple instances of U.F.O (Unidentified Flying Object) sightings particularly since the 1950s though the first real alien investigation into a flying saucer over the desert in America turned out to be a spy probe that was thought to be sent by the Soviet Union as this was in the era of espionage and at the height of the Cold War. Since then aliens have become a key feature of many films and there have been hundreds of apparent alien sightings across the globe though many are argued to be by people hallucinating, not in their right mind or the phenomena has been explained. However, this tale might just arouse your suspicions as to whether we’re the only life in the galaxy, and this time it was not just civilians but military personnel (who have been argued to cover up many sightings) who claimed to have seen a U.F.O.   

Rendlesham Forest in Suffolk, England, has a long history of unusual sightings and has even been suggested to hold a doorway to another world. On the 27th December 1980 at two U.S air force security guards saw a glowing light behind the back gate of R.A.F (Royal Air Force) camp Woodbridge and, with permission from their commanding officer, went to investigate. They were amazed to see a hovering triangular object in the trees the size of a car (but triangular in shape) with glowing red lights at its top and many blue ones underneath it. As they approached it moved away and then suddenly thrust away at incredible speed, far beyond the acceleration of any man made vehicle. At the same time that the vehicle sped away a local farmer reported that his animals were going into a complete frenzy and he could find no explanation for it. Furthermore, a radar crew at another R.A.F base in Norfolk had been tracking an unknown vehicle moving across the UK that disappeared from the radar in Rendlesham Forest suddenly at the same time that the vehicle shot off. The military was confused and the next day several airmen were sent out and found pockets of radiation, burns on trees and depressions in the ground over areas where the vehicle had been tracked. This was a very suspicious case.

The next night a large group of airmen including Lieutenant Colonel Charles Holt went out into the forest. The fact that such a high ranking officer went out on the search shows the importance given to the situation, though it was probably felt that the vehicle was some advanced Soviet craft rather than an Alien ship as the Cold War was still being waged in 1980. They were equipped with tape recorders and big floodlights in order to record the sounds of the vehicle and see it properly in the night but their lights and radios refused to work when they entered Rendlesham Forest. Before long they again saw the craft and this time there were more smaller ones with it, darting through the trees as though scouting the area. Further to that three lights appeared in the sky and one stayed for an hour, beaming down a light every few minutes. The military men stood amazed as did many of the townspeople and the incident soon made global news.

The incident was attempted to be explained saying that the light they saw was a nearby lighthouse, the radiation could be explained by military tests nearby, the depressions in the ground could be animal diggings and the burns on the trees could be the effect of pine resin seeping through tree cuts. However this case is significant because there have never been so many witnesses to an apparent U.F.O sighting and the Lieutenant Colonel insisted in an interview 13 years later that he and his men were well aware of the lighthouse and that they knew what they saw and that it was not of this world. What’s your opinion, was it really aliens or something else entirely? Can it all be explained logically or is there more to it? Ultimately it became a legend in the quiet county of Suffolk and makes for an interesting read, real or not. Leave a comment below with your feelings on this story.

IMAGE: – An image taken from a piece of footage of military guards inspecting the area where the UFO ‘landed’. You can see that the ground is dented somewhat and the specs across the photo are because of the radiation left in the area. During the footage one man was heard saying ‘You can’t tell the people.’    

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