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Ready Set Festive

Ready Set Festive

With winter firmly setting in, any excuse to feel a bit cosier is alright with me. An easy way to achieve this effect is obviously waist length snow and some form of log fire, but if you’re not Scandinavian this could pose a problem.
Here’s how to have what will undoubtedly be the most adorable evening of your youth.

Lanterns are easy and cheap to make and can brighten up any room in the house. Make sure an adult helps with handling any flame and never try and light candles yourself!

Empty pesto/jam jar
- Gravel
- Glitter
- Sequins/beads (optional)
- Tea lights/candle samples (I personally love Yankee Candles, which you can order from their website from under £2)
- Ribbon
- Paints (sometimes nail varnish works fine – ask someone in your family to donate an old polish or two!)


STEP 1: Clean out the jar you’ll be using with hot, soapy water and scrub any remaining labels off.

STEP 2: Fill your jar about half way with gravel, glitter and sequins. Make sure you shake the jar up so everything settles evenly.

STEP 3: Pop your candle in but make sure you wait to ask an adult to light it.

STEP 4: Time to paint your jar – maybe put some swirl patterns, dots or draw a picture.

STEP 5: Wrap a ribbon around your jar, tie in a bow and you’re done!



Of course everyone’s had your standard mug of Cadbury’s, but if you’re after the ultimate winter evening, further steps need to be taken. Here’s two options to decide between!

The Nutella Hot Chocolate

As simple as it sounds, unfortunately just as nutritious.

Grab a mug and pop 2/3 spoonfuls of Nutella (or any chocolate spread, seeing as I’m not advertising for Ferrero) and a few pieces of milk chocolate.

Fill the rest of the mug with milk. Put it in the microwave for around 2 minutes, stopping every 30 seconds to stir.

Your standard
Here I totally take back any criticism I made of Cadbury in the past. Cadbury, forgive me.

Pop 3-4 spoonfuls of hot chocolate powder in a mug (more than usual for a really frothy hot chocolate!) and follow the usual method.

Top with whipped cream, mini marshmallows, chocolate pieces and maple syrup for a twist.

1. Command use of your lounge, conservatory, kitchen or cupboard (if you are Harry Potter)
2. Gather your nearest and dearest.
3. If overflowing with funds, place bowls around the room in strategic places, full of Quails eggs and caviar. If normal person, chuck some more marshmallows and chocolate in and use up any leftover Halloween treats.
4. Pick a festive film – when it’s getting nearer to Christmas, my top choices are Elf, The Santa Clause and Mickey’s Once Upon a Christmas (because I am actually 10)
5. Quilts and cushions much obliged. If you own slippers, don them.
6. Look around the heart-warming scene you are the mastermind of. Allow nearest and dearest to applaud. Bow, curtsey, press play.



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