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Quirky Anagrams

Quirky Anagrams

Anagrams can be great fun and can really help stimulate the mind and aid our understanding of language. These two sets of anagrams have a bit of a quirky twist as they are all related to their answers and they are also not necessarily just one word answers either. Try your best to solve them all and check for the answers in a later article. Good luck and a short warning, some of these are riddles as much as they are anagrams so you may find them difficult!


1# TheySee

2# Alas No More Z's

3# Cash Lost in Me

4# Moon Starer

5# I'm a Dot in Place

6# That Queer Shake

7# Dirty Room

8# Here Come Dots

9# He Bugs Gore

10# Evol


Best of luck and you may need your parents' assistance with some of these!



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