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Quirky Anagram Answers

Quirky Anagram Answers

I hope you didn't have too much trouble with those quirky anagrams! If you did the answers are here to relieve you and some are much more obvious than you may have thought but try not to peek at these before at least trying to solve them yourself!

1# They See = The Eyes! Seems obvious now doesn't it?

2# Alas No More Z's = Snooze Alarms! I'm sure we've all been guilty of pressing snooze instead of getting up sometimes when our alarm clocks ring in the morning! This one was a little cheeky as technically the apostrophe doesn't carry over to snooze alarms but it's quirky nonetheless!

3# Cash Lost in Me = Slot Machines! Gambling is 18+ and even adults shouldn't do it because it just takes your money and if you've ever seen slot machines at the arcades you'll notice lots of frustrated people as their cash gets lost inside!

4# Moon Starer = Astronomer! As you may know Astronomers look at space and study the stars so they'll be spending a fair bit of time staring at the moon!

5# I'm a Dot in Place = A Decimal Point! Again a little cheeky with the apostrophe but what a quirky anagram for the bane of every Maths student!

6# That Queer Shake= The Earthquakes! So they're not a good thing but they certainly shake!

7# Dirty room = Dormitory! My mum is always telling me my bedroom (dormitory) is too messy or a dirty room so this seems the perfect quirky anagram to me!

8# Here Come Dots = The Morse Code! Quite a difficult one but the Morse Code was a way of communicating through a number of sounds which looked like dots on a frequency chart, used in World War II to prevent the enemy intercepting radio communications and understanding them, quirky right? Good job if you got this one right!

9# He Bugs Gore = George Bush! A bit of a political joke, Albert Arnold 'Al' Gore ran against George Bush for the 2000 Presidential elections in the USA and George Bush won which probably bugged Al Gore quite a lot!

10# Evol = Love!  Sometimes if people have a bad experience in a relationship they may say 'Love is Evil' which of course it isn't but as Eminem says in the song 'I love the Way you Lie', Love spelt backwards looks a lot like evil, so I thought i'd be quirky and throw this one in at the end. 


That concludes the answers to my quirky anagrams puzzle, I really do hope you enjoyed them and had a little laugh once you discovered the answers! I'd love to hear your feedback in the comments' section below!



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