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Places to Go: New York City, Part 2

Places to Go: New York City, Part 2

A city as big as New York (America’s largest city in terms of population) cannot possibly be squeezed into one article. It deserves to be honoured properly! In the last article, we saw why some of New York’s famous landmarks were filled with tourists, and why they are worth seeing. We’ll continue to explore them this time, but we’ll also have a look at some of New York’s lesser-known spots that are worth seeing, if you have the time.


Something you will have seen a lot on TV is Times Square. Times Square has changed a lot in recent years – there used to be only a few brightly lit billboards, but now the square is covered with them. They’re a tourist attraction in their own right now, even if they began just as advertisements. If you go at night, you’ll walk up the steps from the subway and think it’s broad daylight, that’s how bright they are. The mixture of the bright lights and pollution in the city makes a strange haze, meaning you can’t see properly. It all sounds terrible, but it’s definitely worth a visit. Most of these adverts are for Broadway theatre shows. If you have the time and the money, treating yourself to see a musical in one of the world’s most famous theatre districts is a must. The road itself is one of the oldest roads in New York, and it follows a Native American trail. It stretches from the very bottom of Manhattan Island, through the suburbs and eventually into the countryside north of the city.


For film fans, the Museum of Natural History is a must-do, if you like the Night at the Museum series. Whilst the interior doesn’t look much like the film, some of the exhibits are there, for instance Rexy the dinosaur skeleton and the Easter Island statue. In particular, if you are interested in learning about the geography of America and the original people who lived there, then the museum will give you a great starting point.


Now, let’s move on to have a look at some of the less touristy things. In the “meatpacking” district of Manhattan, an old railway line above the streets has been turned into a park, and it’s called the “High Line”. Though packed in the summer months, it’s a great place to relax and reflect amongst the locals. You can watch the city go about its daily business beneath you, as you stroll along the boardwalks by the Hudson River and enjoy the trees planted along the edge. Take a book with you and find a shady spot between the tall office blocks, and you’ve got your very own little oasis.


Wow! There’s so much to see in New York, this is going to have to be turned into a series. We’ve only just started getting into the more secretive places, but next time we’ll try and discover New York’s best kept secret, the best food in the city (and believe me, it’s hard to find), and how to navigate the confusing-as-hell Subway system. Until then, folks!


Image credit: Alice Barnes-Brown

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