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Places Not To Go (Part 3)

Places Not To Go (Part 3)

Continuing the series I bring you some more of the creepiest and strangest places across the globe that you probably should avoid (unless you're a keen adventurer in which case I have no doubt you'll want to see them for yourselves). This third installment will focus on unusual or creepy religious buildings, places of sanctuary meant to ward against supernatural evil. It turns out that these places can actually be quite sinister, so sit back and enjoy another article on some of the strange and creepy places in the world that you probably should never go to, but are fascinating to read about (or at least I hope you find them interesting to read about!).

St. George's Church in Prague

Despite being the patron saint of England, this St.George's Church is in Prague in the Czech Republic and is most certainly unique. After part of the Church roof collapsed during a funeral in 1968 it was abandoned by the locals who believed it a sign of bad luck and left to rot for some 30 years. However, local artist Jakub Hadrava brought attention back to the Church by creating a chilling piece of art, creating numerous ghostly figures throughout the church, both sitting and standing as people would at a service. Tourists have come from all around to see this and brought funding and recognition back to this medieval church. Some believe there is still a curse on the place but ultimately it doesn't seem to be a particularly ominous place, rather it is the artwork of Hadrava that makes this Church a creepy place to visit.


Capela dos Ossos (Chapel of Bones) in Evora

The Chapel of Bones in Evora, Portugal, was built by a Franciscan monk in the 16th Century as a message to his brothers to try to make them focus on preparing a soul for death instead of focusing so much on life, indeed the inscription on the entrance of the chapel translates as 'We bones that here are, for yours await.' Basically this is saying that everyone will die at some point, and the monk was suggesting that people should concentrate on how they will be judged in the afterlife (if you believe in one). Gloomy as the topic is, there's nothing sinister about the monk's intentions, but in order to portray that everyone would be joining the dead he covered and decorated the walls of the chapel with human bones, which is a bit weird and would probably get you arrested in modern day! It's worth noting that the Monk was no murderer, all these bones belonged to monks in the local cemetery, but still it's a little unnerving. Also there are two skeletal corpses hanging from the cieling in one part of the chapel and one is that of a young child who died very young; these are perhaps the most odd and unnerving features of the already dark place. This little chapel is connected to the Church of St.Francis and remains open perhaps out of tourist interest, but ultimately it is an eery place that I would not wish upon any traveller! 


IMAGE 1: - The ghostly art inside St.George's Church.

IMAGE 2: - The Chapel of Bones and the hanging skeletal corpse of the adult (the child is left of it, obstructed from view in this photo).


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