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Places Not To Go (Part 2)

Places Not To Go (Part 2)

I hope you enjoyed my last piece of travel advice on some of the less appealing places on Earth! Here’s the second instalment of this series of articles and I’ll warn you, the places are no less horrible! However, in the first instalment we saw a haunted forest in Romania and remote Island in Mexico, both countries stooped in myth and horror, but how about terrifying places where you might not expect them? This article will focus on places you might want to avoid in the United States of America, a place often considered to be the leading world superpower, so without further ado, let me tell you just how unappealing America can be! WARNING, ELEMENTS OF THIS ARTICLE DISCUSS HORRIFIC TREATMENT OF PRISONERS AND SHOULD BE CONSIDERED 15+.


Eastern State Penitentiary, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

An old abandoned American prison that was the model for many current US prisons in its architectural design is said to be one of the most haunted places in the world. The prison operated from 1829 to 1913 and was a high security prison where inmates were driven to insanity in solitude, tortured and awfully mistreated (even criminals have rights!). Prisoners were locked in their cells 23 hours a day and in the one hour that they were released a black bag was placed over their head so that they could not see any other human faces. The only sunlight was a tiny slit in the ceiling and prisoners caught trying to talk to other inmates by shouting through walls were punished severely. The punishments included being thrown into a small hole with barely enough air to survive for several weeks, being dumped in a freezing bath in Winter and then hung out on a wall all night so that some prisoners formed icicles on their bodies, and even having their tongues clamped so that they could not talk. If prisoners did talk they could tear their tongue and lose a lot of blood, perhaps even die. As a result of some of these barbaric occurrences it is perhaps no surprise that the abandoned prison is said to be home to a number of restless souls and tormented spirits.

One famous ghostly experience is known simply as ‘the locksmith’s tale’. A locksmith was trying to open a very old cell in the prison and as the lock broke free he was frozen in place by an overwhelming force and claims that several tormented ghostly faces appeared in the back of the cell and that a great gust of air overcame him escaping the cell. He shakes recalling the event even today and ghost hunters suggested that it was the tormented souls who died in that cell escaping when he unlocked the door. Many ghostly apparitions have been captured on camera in this old prison and it has been a hotspot for teams such as Most Haunted and Ghost Hunters International. In fact almost 100% of teams who have entered the place ghost hunting have found at least some piece of paranormal evidence. That being said, it depends how strictly you define paranormal evidence. Although some people visit the now tourist attraction in search of an outer worldly experience, I’d advise staying far away!

Union Cemetery, Easton, Connecticut

This cemetery dating back to the 1700s is ranked as one of the most haunted places in the US and is genuinely closed at night and watched by police as it would be a hotspot for murders which might then be blamed on supernatural elements instead of actual human beings. The main ghostly apparition is known as ‘The White Lady’ and has actually been caught on camera multiple times! She often is said to walk out into the road and simply pass through moving vehicles much to the shock of the unfortunate drivers. In fact in 1993 an off duty fireman was driving past the cemetery when he claimed that the ghostly apparition walked out in front of his truck. Slamming on the breaks he felt a thud as though he had truly hit someone and found a dent in his vehicle but the lady herself vanished! He also said that at the moment he hit her a ghostly man in a straw hat appeared in the passenger seat of his vehicle momentarily before then disappearing also, I bet he found it hard to sleep that night! A ghostly man with burning red eyes has also been sighted on multiple occasions in the graveyard and is said to be the ghost of Earle Kellog who was burned alive just across the road from the cemetery in 1935! Whatever your opinion on the truth of these tales, I wouldn’t take my chances walking through there at night!

IMAGE 1: - An image of a corridor in the prison after it was abandoned, not a nice place. Many ghosts have been sighted in the corridor.

IMAGE 2: - The White Lady of Union Cemetery, captured on video in the Cemetery church.

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