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Places Not To Go (Part 1)

Places Not To Go (Part 1)

So I thought I'd put a little twist on this category and write some articles on a few places on Earth that you might want to avoid as they're just plain creepy, weird or dangerous. It's easy to forget how big the world is when we spend so much of our lives in one area or country, but there are so many odd places on this Earth that many simply don't know of, so if you fancy some adventure and an interesting read then sit back and enjoy this series of articles on the most odd and unwelcoming places on Earth.

Hoia Baciu Forest (Most Haunted Forest):

Considered by some the world's most haunted forest and others Romania's Bermuda Triangle it really isn't a great place to go. The forest has a history of ghost sightings, UFO sightings, faces appearing in pictures that weren't there when they were taken and several disappearances also. Even the forest itself seems unnatural with eerily shaped trees and odd charred and burnt looking plants and stumps without any signs of fire or burning. It is as though the forest as a whole is in some way cursed or possessed. Another unusual feature of the forest is that people seem to lose time in it. For example a 5 year old girl who went missing in the forest walked out of it several years later wearing the exact same clothes as the day she disappeared and with no signs of physical harm or trauma. One particular area of the forest which is almost a perfect circle seems to be the hotspot for these strange happenings. No vegetation can grow in this circle though soil samples taken by scientists suggest that there is nothing wrong with the soil there to prevent plant life growing. Furthermore, the majority of ghost sightings have been seen in this mysterious 'dead circle'. Perhaps it is all coincidence or there's an explanation for everything that has occurred in this forest but either way I think I'll be staying away! Oh and did I mention the forest is in Transylvania, the legendary home of Count Dracula and Vampires? For any brave adventurers there are many companies that offer tours round the forest at night and many budding ghost hunters travel there in the hope of seeing some paranormal activity but based on the forest's history, I'd advise steering well clear of it!

Isla de las Munecas (Island of the Dolls):

This terrifying island lies just south of Mexico City between Xochimico’s waterways. The sole inhabitant of the island was a man named Don Julian Santana Barrera and he claims to have found a girl drowned by the island’s shore in mysterious circumstances. Floating by the girl was a doll which he hung from a tree as a form of memorial to her. However Julian then claimed to be haunted by the girl’s spirit and began to hang more dolls from trees on the island wherever he could. Those who knew him (of which there were few) said that he began to become possessed by this notion and would hang up any pieces of dolls he could get his hands on. Living in a poor area of Mexico the man could not afford brand new shining dolls so many of them are missing limbs or even a head which only adds to the horror of the island. Some question whether Julian invented the story of the drowned girl in his solitude on the island but he insisted that her spirit haunted him and that he seemed to take responsibility for not being able to save her life. Some have suggested that he even murdered the girl or that her death was his fault whilst others maintain that there was no girl as she has never been identified or her body found after he claimed it washed out to sea. Either way Julian was found drowned some 50 years later in the exact spot where he claimed to have found the girl on the shore after dedicating most of his life to putting her spirit at ease. The island is now a destination for tourists and many visit to add a doll to the island. Many claim that the dolls’ eyes have opened or limbs moved and that there is a certain terrifying presence about the place. Romanian and Mexico have much to offer, but if you’re on your travels, I’d advise staying away from these two destinations unless you’re a very brave soul.

IMAGE 1: - An image of the entrance to the Hoia Bacui forest where a permanent ominous mist seems to settle.

IMAGE 2: - A black and white image of some of the dolls on the island, sure to send a chill down your spine!  

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