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Peter Pan by J. M. Barrie

Peter Pan by J. M. Barrie

Peter Pan is a timeless children’s classic that endless people hold dear in their hearts. I’m sure a huge number of you will have seen the films, but I can assure you that the book is one hundred thousand times better! Peter Pan is a lost boy – a boy who ran away from home after hearing his parents talking about him growing up. He ended up in Neverland, a land of magic and fairies and adventure where children never grow up. The book starts in the Darling household where a dog is acting nanny for the children. Oldest of the children is Wendy, and one night she wakes up to see a boy, Peter Pan, standing at the window. When Nana, the dog, barks at him he flies out of the window, but he leaves his shadow behind! They put the shadow in the draw and the next night Peter Pan comes back to reclaim it.


When Peter Pan comes back, Nana and the children’s parents were out of the room, and he is free to talk to the children about Neverland. He promises to teach them how to fly and introduces them to Tinkerbell, a rather cheeky fairy who says rude words to Wendy! He persuades them to leave with him to go to Neverland, and they fly out of the window toward the second star on the right with Mr and Mrs Darling just rushing in too late to stop them! After a time flying to Neverland, they begin the ascent. Tinkerbell had gone ahead and persuaded the Lost Boys that Wendy was a bird and they should shoot her out of the sky. She gets hit and falls to the ground, much to Peter Pan’s anger. She is nursed better however, so that works out okay really.


In Neverland, Peter Pan rules over the Lost Boys as a kind of King, ordering them around and looking after them. He also has friends in the Indians, in particular with the Princess of the Indians. It is not all fun and games in Neverland however. There is an evil pirate named Captain Hook, with a band of pirates, who desperately wants to capture Peter Pan and the lost boys and make them walk the plank! Hook has his name because his hand was chopped off by a crocodile (thanks to Peter Pan) and so he has a hook placed there in replacement. Throughout the book, Hook, Peter and the Lost Boys, and the Darling children have a lot of run ins which are nail bitingly exciting to read and adventure just spills from the pages.


Peter Pan is one of those books that you just have to read. If you don’t read it as a child, you’ll definitely end up reading it as an adult, so you may as well read them now so you can show off to everyone with how great your reading material is! Enjoy!

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