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Personalising Items at Home: Part 2

 Personalising Items at Home: Part 2

In the last article we considered how you can get started personalising items at home. We discussed how there are many products that can be bought for the purpose of personalisation, and how these can be an easy way to get started, but how there can be a problem when it comes to finishing off some items. In this article we’ll consider looking at the example of personalised mugs and show how there are many other ways to personalise items based on your preferences and skills.

Another, perhaps simpler alternative is to go to a mug painting studio for the day and just paint your mugs there. These studios are relatively common and I remember going to one for special occasions when I was growing up for a fun day out and really enjoying it. They will usually have a selection of pottery items to choose from that are already made, and you can choose the design that you like most. Then you are given a selection of clay paints and you have as long as you need to paint your item. Once you’re done, they’ll let you choose a glaze and they’ll keep it to kiln for you over the next week. Then you can collect it on a later day. Of course, you are restricted by the paints and the pottery items that are there on the day, but the selection is usually fairly big. Also, since you are paying for the clay item and the kilning, they’ll usually give you a table and space to paint for free. If you want a creative day out, with a reward to show for it at the end this is a great thing to try. If you want to personalise further, they may also run lessons in pottery-making itself, but that’s a whole other skill.

If you’re less of an artistic person when it comes to physically painting or drawing, but you’re more into IT, then another easy way to make personalised items at home is to design your own mugs online. There are loads of great websites which will allow you to put your own images, writing and styles on mugs, as well as other items, such as t-shirts, mobile phone cases and posters. This is great, because if there is a film that you really like but you can’t find any good posters or t-shirts already available with it on, you can just make one to your own standards. Sometimes this method can be a little bit more expensive because the company that will make your item will have to set everything up specifically to make your item, as opposed to just making loads of them in bulk. However, this may be worth it for the better quality and the fact it is personal to you.

Hopefully these articles have shown you how simple it is to start personalising things for your home, and how there are loads of different options for whatever type of person you are. It might require a little more effort but once you’ve made something, it’s so rewarding to be able to say you made things yourself and for everything in your home to perfectly fit your own style.


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