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Personalising Items at Home: Part 1

Personalising Items at Home: Part 1

Personalising everyday items is one of the best things to do when making crafts. It’s nice to walk around your house and know that everything in it is unique and can’t simply be bought in a store. Many people might think that personalising an item must simply involve adding your name or a picture of something you like to that item, but actually it can involve adding anything that suits your taste, such as patterns and colours that you like, and personalising items around your house like this will help you to establish a specific vibe that fits your personality around the house. Personalising items can form a fun part of decorating your home, and should be approached in the same way as you would approach choosing wallpaper or a carpet. If there are specific things that you particularly like, such as films or books that are particularly important to you then you can always still use images from these to personalise your house, maybe even fitting them cleverly into patterns and the style that you’ve established around your house or room.


There are various ways that you can approach personalising things, and the example we’ll consider here is personalising mugs. Mugs are something that every house needs a lot of, and it’s really easy to put together your own collection that suits your tastes and says something about you. They are not too hard to make, and there are several methods that you can take to making them. One really easy method is to buy some plain white mugs. There are some which are sold specifically to be personalised at home, and this can be done with paint or a permanent marker such as a sharpie. Once you’ve drawn the pattern you want on the mugs, you’ll then want to make sure that the paint or ink that you’ve used isn’t going to come off when you wash your mug, especially if you use a dishwasher. The best way to do this is to glaze it, however without a kiln this will be difficult. There are various sprays and home glazes that you can get which dry at much lower temperatures, but for the best look, feel and durability, a kiln glaze is better. This is still doable, since there are plenty of companies who will allow you to send them or take them your painted mugs and who will then glaze and kiln them for you. This will add a small extra cost onto making your mugs, but it may be worth it in the long run.


Of course, though it is nice to make your items at home, there are other ways to approach making personalised items, which may make the process cheaper, may lead to better quality products and may actually turn out easier. Also, if you’re not into painting or drawing, don’t worry. There are plenty of other ways to make personalised things which require less traditional skills. We’re going to look at some other approaches to personalising items in our next article.


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