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Pandora's Box

Pandora's Box

This is a myth so it is not factual history but may be based on truth and has a good moral.

A long time ago in Ancient Greece there were two brothers, Prometheus and Epimethus and they were pretty good guys, very friendly, lots of friends, you know the type, oh and they were Gods so pretty cool guys all round. Anyway one day Prometheus found himself in the naughty corner with Zeus the God of all Gods , head of Mount Olympus. Basically Zeus decided that us humans didn't need to know how to make fire ( he must have been a bit grumpy as humanity didn't really do much wrong at that point) and Prometheus, being such a nice guy, secretly gave humans the secret of fire. Zeus was furious and chained Prometheus to a rock for many years for defying him. So I guess the rule there is even when grown ups or people in charge don't seem to have a good reason you should still do what they say! Zeus was quite an angry old God and went further than this, deciding to also punsih Prometheus' kind brother Epimethus. He ordered Hephaestus to make Zeus a daughter (no pregnancy for gods they just create, how cool is that?) and so he made a beautiful woman out of clay, brought her to Zeus and named her Pandora.

Zeus told Epimethus that his brother had to be punished but that he knew it made him lonely whilst Prometheus was tied to a rock so he gave him Pandora. Now Epimethus was very clever and realised that this was unlike Zeus but couldn't help himself falling in love with Pandora immediately. Zeus gave Pandora and Epimethus a wedding gift which was a locked box (some say chest or jar but it doesn't really matter) with a key and a note on it saying DO NOT OPEN! Of course the two were curious but Epimethus knew better than to defy Zeus and heeded the warning of the box. Unfortunately Pandora gave into temptation and in her curiosity opened the box; as soon as she opened the box all the bad things in the world came flying out and hurtling down to earth like hate , disease and envy. Epimethus came running when he heard Pandora crying and quickly went to slam the box shut which was now all but empty as one final little bug flew out of the box with a smile and this was hope which allowed mankind to deal with all the bad things in the world.

So we have learnt that it is always wise to listen to your elders and respect their rules but also that there is always hope no matter how many bad things happen in the world. I hope you enjoyed learning about this myth as much as I did, feel free to post your response in the comments below, hope to hear from you soon! 

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