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Dabeluchi Nnachetam

Dabeluchi Nnachetam


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About Me: Hello, I'm Dabbie (short for Dabeluchi). I am a student at Dartford Grammar School for Girls. I love reading mystery books, and solving the mystery with the author. I hope you enjoy reading my stories.

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One phone goes a long way

One phone goes a long way

On the 29th of June, Steve Jobs stood on stage and introduced a revolutionary device. Over the years, Apple have improved and upgraded the iPhone. Right now I have an iPhone 7 which I use regularly and have included as an essential part of my life. 


   Everyday I use my phone for a variety of things. For example – entertainment. Entertainment can include apps and websites like YouTube or Spotify. You can also download a variety of apps from different categories like games. Many of these apps are free, thus making it easier to access. There are a wide range to choose from with different styles and types of games. If you aren’t really a gamer, then you can try music. Listening to music is perfect when you are on walks; it calms you down. 


  Many programmers have transferred everyday errands and items onto digital devices. A good example of this is Apple Pay. You can pay from devices like your phone and even your watch. This is very convenient but secure as it requires Touch ID or – if you have recent models – Face ID to ensure that it is you. This is really cool, and we have started to rely on it. Talking about banking, you can track and monitor your accounts and easily make payments on the go. 

   As we continue to glide through this digital era, we start to make use of the technology we have. For example, many schools have begun to turn what is now known as being “paperless”. Technology companies use this and adapt their software for this matter. Many schools use things like Google Classroom which allows you to communicate with your teachers and join the online classroom via a code given by your teacher. It allows students to give in homework online, talk to their class and access PowerPoints from class. I use this app on my phone. I also use apps from Microsoft Office to complete tasks and set reminders to complete my homework. This helps me stay on top of all my homework. 


   I also use my phone for all those tiny tasks. In the morning, I check the time. My phone as an alarm to wake me up or to remind me to do things at a specific time. If I am unsure of something, I look it up on google. If I don’t know the date, I swipe down and the date is displayed for me. I have notifications buzzing at me that make it hard to turn it off and complete the tasks I need to do. Almost everything that I need is on my phone. And as long as programmers keep making daily tasks accessible on devices, it would become harder to come off and it reduces the need to look up from devices. And as long as it keeps up, there will be no need to look up and we will forget the world around us.  


   My iPhone really has impacted my life as I use it all the time for school and for myself. It is something that I turn to without even realising. I don’t know how I survived without it. 







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