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My First Trip To A Theme Park

My First Trip To A Theme Park

We all hopped into the Jeep panting exhaustedly, with the sun finding its way through the tinted windows. We had been rushing back and forth, from the car back to the house, collecting food and drinks for the long journey ahead. Eventually, we were done and on time to go.


Carefully applying our seatbelts, we were ready to go. I say carefully because seatbelts were the most dangerous things in summer. As hot as an oven, it hissed when something cold touched it. My dad soon started the engine and we were off! On the way to LEGOLAND Windsor; my first ever trip to a theme park.


I surveyed the scenes of the silent forests, everything quiet except for the recurring growl and rumble of the motorbikes that zoomed past every few seconds. All I could see out of the window was a huge green blur as we whizzed along the motorway. To my left was my sister, looking out of the window clearly as intrigued as I was at the green smudge. She was wearing her favourite red jumper, the one with bright golden patterns that reflected off the passenger seat in front of her. Her hair was everywhere, the front of her head, the back, the sides, everywhere.


My mum was in the passenger seat, on the left, gingerly watching the way my dad drove - his foot was heavy on the pedal, often going over the speed limit. My mum was the absolute opposite, sticking to the speed limit or below it. She wanted to make sure that he remembered that this was her car he was driving, not his. She wanted it back at home in the same condition it was in when he left. 


My dad was driving, the large bulk at the front of the car, he was wearing his heavy leather jacket that I still probably can't carry to this day. It was a weird shade of brown and was thick like a polar bear's fat. He had his eyes on the road as he manoeuvred skilfully between the twisting and turning roads. 


I fell asleep slowly but all at once. I was later awoken to the feeling of someone shaking me vigorously. I soon realised we were here, my sister was staring at me with a wide white-toothed grin from ear-to-ear.


"We're here, we're here!!!"


I came to my senses, wiping my eyes and cleaning the deep-sleep drool from the sides of my lips. Cor blimey, I had had a great sleep! My parents were looking out into the car park, squinting to find the entrance. I unfastened my seatbelt, rapidly yanking on the door handle and jumping out. “It's there, there!” I pointed at the entrance, tugging on my father’s ginormous warm hand. I tried to run ahead, my dad using all his weight to make sure I didn’t pull him over. I was like a ravaging pit bull pulling on its owners lead - almost dragging him along. We were soon through the bright red gates, and under the large yellow bridge.


The first thing I noticed was the water ride. Rusty brown barrels of boats came zooming down into a small stream; the people inside were flattened with a small wave and were left soaking if they didn’t have ponchos.


I zoomed towards the line, still holding my dad’s hand whilst my sister and mum were left trailing behind us. I arrived in the 100-person-strong line finally taking the time to look around and examine LEGOLAND. It was beautiful - the smell of sweets, hotdogs and cotton candy mixed together. There were little children running around: some were crying, some screaming, most were smiling and laughing. The parents, on the other hand, were the absolute opposite - they were dreary eyed and sapped of energy. They had obviously been running around LEGOLAND, carrying their children’s stuff, taking in their orders!


We had been waiting for at least one tiring hour which had felt like an eternity when we finally got to the front. The boat came rocking by with its contents (a wet father and daughter). As they hopped out, we were handed our yellow ponchos (my mum didn’t think they were very fashionable) and clambered in and we were off. Whilst we hit the edges of the course, I was hysterically laughing, and when we went through twists and turns and we eventually came to a large hill. We stopped… Was it broken? All of a sudden we felt a sharp jolt. It wasn’t broken. The front of the boat lifted up as it started to click up the hill. We stopped at the top… I turned around and looked with astonishment at my sister who was right behind me. I turned back around and looked down. It was much higher than it looked in the line.


ZOOM! CLICK! We were thrown down into the stream as water was poured onto us. A flash clicked and blinded me. I didn’t have the time to react and before I knew it there had been a printed photo of me halfway through the ride.

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