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Emma Eismontaite

Emma Eismontaite


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About Me:Hello! My name is Emma, and I'm fifteen. I do tennis as well as horse-riding. Also, I love Art and English, and have chosen to write stories because I love creative writing! x

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My First Fall

My First Fall

My First Fall

I am Molly, and there is a new group of girls and boys at my riding club. They are my age (14), and had only started! Whereas, I had been riding for seven years now, and hadn’t had a single fall since the beginning! It just shows how much of a natural I am, and how much potential I have of becoming a professional. I’m sure that will be no problem.

     Anyway, I was leading my very own horse, Blossom, to the arena, with the newbies behind, leading their horses. I heard several grumblings: “Ouch! She trod on my foot!”, “Wait, where do I hold the reins when leading him?”, “Stop! She keeps trying to bite me! Why?” and even, “Guys, look at the girl in front of us. It looks as if she’s had a lot of experience! Why don’t we do what she’s doing?”

     I just smirked secretly, and went into the arena smartly. While they were standing around stupidly like lemons waiting for their instructor to tell them what to do, I stepped onto the mounting block and swung myself onto Blossom expertly. She was a very big horse (but then again, I was an expert, so it wasn’t scary for me), but it only made me look even prouder and more professional.

     I gently dug my heels into her, and she started walking calmly around the edge. I saw the instructor talking to them, leading them one by one to the mounting block, but some of them were watching me like hawks. That only made me stretch out my posture even more.

     Then, I went into a trot, riding and falling expertly in time with the horse’s movement. This made a few gasp, and look at me goggle-eyed. I smirked again. Some of them had already started walking, led by the instructor, of course. A girl even shrieked when her horse shifted under her. Stupid girl. Doesn’t she realize her horse will only freak out if she screams like that? Obviously not; she’s only a beginner. A baby, practically.

     After a few rounds of trot, I settled into a canter. It was easy to control Blossom, and her movements were graceful and comfortable. Now everyone was staring at me. Enviously, most likely. I was now enjoying this very much, my smirk getting bigger and bigger every time. All of them were huddled together, walking slowly. Most didn’t even know how to hold the reigns, even though the instructor had only just told them. And some had their feet in the stirrups lopsided. And hadn’t turned their heels down. And weren’t sitting up straight; they were slouched over, scared they’ll fall, probably. Gosh, they don’t know that that’s going to make it even more likely to fall!

     And then the next bit happened so very quickly, it only took less than a minute.

     Something spooked Blossom out (I think it was the car beeping or rushing past, or the shouts and screeches from the group), though goodness knows how. She’s normally the gentle, quiet sort, and always focused and never spooked.

     Next thing I know, she is rearing up like a mad horse, and I had had no time to react, so I flew off the saddle, ending up landing on my bottom heavily in the midst of the arena. But I don’t know which hurt more, my injured backside, or the fact that the whole group was laughing.

     Their instructor helped me up gently, asking if I was alright. I was in such a state, I didn’t answer, just stood up with an expression of pure shock. I could plainly see that the group of boys and girls were visibly trying their hardest to stop laughing, and were spluttering behind their hands. But I didn’t care.

     I had had my first fall.

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