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My Biggest Change

My Biggest Change

The sun shone down onto the town on another day, a day of trying to get rid of Dr. James Parker. He was despised by everyone everywhere he went so it was no surprise that he had no friends. He was the worst man alive. All over the news, he was the only thing they would talk about, and after an hour they would say that that was all they had time for. Through the shop window, I could just about see him in one of the shops, once again being pulled by policemen into their car. He gave me an angry look. In his hand, he carried a golden machine that was so bright it could blind you. It was a gadget that sucks things towards him. Every day, people avoided it for they knew what would happen to them. Unfortunately, when someone was sucked in, he would chuckle selfishly to himself and bring them to his home to stay there forever.


The key turned as I opened the front door to my house and then I laid back and stared at the evening summer sun. I was stuffed after eating so much food at The Ritz restaurant so I fell into a silent slumber on my bed, not knowing that tonight would change my life forever.


Suddenly, I woke up for a midnight snack. Through the midnight darkness, a golden light glistened through the cold, darkened room. No-one would think it wasn’t the hateful Dr. James Parker. Instantly, I hurried towards the lights and turned them on. My heart missed a beat. I was right; it was Dr. James Parker. In the eerie night he looked so different and his spiky, black hair was even spikier than before.

“Well well well, what have we here? Maybe a nice young child to take home where you’ll have plenty of other trapped friends so you won’t be alone?” he said. It wasn’t the moment to talk so I kept silent. Suddenly, something familiar about him struck me. He had the same pointy nose and dark brown eyes as my long lost father. Carefully, I pulled out the scrunched up, old picture of myself, Amelia Parker, as a three year old child, standing next to my father that had disappeared the day I turned five. It’s been seven years since that day but I still remember him as much as I would remember anyone else. I decided I had to tell him about this.

“Why didn’t you tell me about this in the first place? All this time you, my own father, had hated me. Please, can’t you tell me about this? I promise I won’t tell anyone.” Slowly, he stepped back and sighed and took a seat in my flowery armchair.

“You are the only person who knows this story,” he began, ”when you were born, I was a politician for the city but nobody liked me. I made the world a better place and helped hundreds of people but no-one seemed to appreciate that, not even the public. They treated me horribly at work, when we were having meetings or discussing policies for the country. Each day I would go home to you and your mother extremely happy that work was over. I loved seeing you and your mother. One day, it was the weekend and I was minding my own business when we heard bursting knocks at the door and people shouting at us. Anxiously, I opened the door and saw the police; they were arresting me for no reason. I closed my eyes but when I opened them, I was in a prison cell. I managed to escape, though.” He paused for a minute. "Ever since, I tried to get revenge. I had no reason to hate you and I’m sorry. Friends?”

“Friends.” I replied. I couldn’t believe what I had just heard.




Now, our family is reunited after a long, complex process and Dr. James Parker is now a father to me, and Mum is feeling great. I love him as much as anything. He is no longer an evil man - everyone likes him, he has many friends, and all of the trapped people have been released. I wonder if I have any other secrets.

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