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Musician Profile: Marina and the Diamonds

Musician Profile: Marina and the Diamonds

Marina and the Diamonds is an artist known for her unique singing voice and fashion sense. Her style is totally unlike anything in music today, and she’s a breath of fresh air. Despite what you might think, the “Diamonds” are not Marina’s backing band, they’re actually her fans. Marina’s real name is Marina Lambrini Diamandis, which is Greek. She is half-Greek and half-Welsh, which makes for an interesting combination! However, it’s a winning one – her Welsh heritage provides her with a strong singing voice, and her Greek ancestry gives her an international appeal.


The young Marina spent her time in both Wales and Greece, and before she was twenty she had moved to London. She maintained her independent personality, and even though she had discussions with many record deals, she went with the only one she thought would not try to tell her how to dress. She started playing at big festivals like Reading and Leeds, and shortly afterwards, her career began with her first album.


This album is called “The Family Jewels”. The lead single, “Mowgli’s Road”, describes an uncertain and shaky path the character has to take. The music video for this is very unique, but I can’t really describe it – imagine a combination of origami and modern dance, and that’s what it is. You’ll have to go on the internet and find out. However, the real hit from this album was “Hollywood”, a catchy and upbeat tune which discusses the singer’s fascination with America and the movies. One of the lines is “oh my god, you look just like Catherine Zeta [Jones]”. She really does, and considering they are both Welsh, I definitely thought about whether they could be related.


The next album, Electra Heart, came out in 2013. It’s really very different from the album that went before – it has a very dance music vibe. It also marked the beginning of her career in the US, which is a very important personal goal for Marina. It’s been certified silver, and this album has a story to it, so you’ll have to listen to it the whole way through.


Her newest album, FROOT, was released earlier this year. Once again, it’s completely different to anything that’s gone before! It reached number 10 on the Albums charts, and did pretty well around Europe. Better still, it got to number 8 in the US! She’s been working very hard this year, touring the world to promote the album. She’s coming back to Britain very soon, and will commence her Neon Nature tour here in November.


Marina and the Diamonds is an outspoken feminist, and has had considerable influence on many other artists. One of these is former Disney star Bridgit Mendler, who gained public recognition with her single “Ready or Not”. She’s also won lots of awards for her work, even though she hasn’t had much formal music training. This includes an MTV Europe award, and she’s been nominated for many more. You can catch Marina on her upcoming tour, but there are only certain dates left, so make sure you buy them soon! I tried to buy tickets for London, but I hesitated a second too long and tickets sold out within a minute. Literally. 


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