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Musician Profile: Izzy Bizu

Musician Profile: Izzy Bizu

Izzy Bizu is an up and coming artist, a rising star in the music world. She sings a mixture of songs, which are heavily influenced by jazz, soul and funk. She is only 21 years old, and looks to have a very bright future in the music world. She also has a very quirky style, both in her music performance and in her dress sense – her voice is unconventional, but powerful and full of soul. Her style is a mix of bohemian chic and vintage, which you can see in her live performances and in publicity photographs. In short, watch out for this lady – she’s about the take the charts by storm.

Izzy Bizu was born to an English father and an Ethopian mother. Her dad was a civil engineer, which meant he worked on building and maintaining a nation’s infrastructures (roads, railways, canals, drainage, sewage, you name it). A job like this one means a lot of travelling, so a young Izzy lived in the Middle East for a few years, whilst her dad was working there. Eventually, the family settled in south London. It was at school that she really got into music, though – she started writing poetry, and then started playing on the piano and putting her poetry to some music. Her head of house really inspired her, though – she says he used to encourage her to do her homework by rewarding her with some time on the piano together. Since then, she attended the British and Irish Modern Music institute, which helped her to kick start her music career.

It all took off at the ILUVLIVE open mic night, back in February 2013. She really won over the crowd with her voice and performance, and that’s impressive, considering the crowd had huge figures in it like Emeli Sande and DJ Naughty Boy! From there, she was signed to Epic Records in 2014. Other artists belonging to that label include Jennifer Lopez and Shakira, not bad! She performed at Glastonbury 2014, because she was selected by BBC Introducing. She then performed at Glastonbury the next year, which was an incredible experience, a great way to get herself known.

Her EP, Coolbeanz, was released in 2013. The lead track, White Tiger, was chosen by BBC radio DJ Zane Lowe as his “Next Hype”. When you hear it, you’ll see why – it’s very upbeat, but the lyrics are quite different to many other pop/soul tracks out there. Her full length album will be coming out in January 2016, which is very exciting for her and for us! If you’d like to see what her performance is like, check her out on Later Live with Jools Holland, which she appeared on after the release of her single “Give me Love”.

She says her influences include Amy Winehouse, Ella Fitzgerald, James Brown and Adele, a mix of artists whose styles you can hear coming through in Izzy Bizu’s work. She has supported many massive artists on tour, including Jamie Cullum (who chose her personally), Foxes and Rudimental. So if you want to be ahead of the game, check out her CDs, and get into her “before it was cool”.

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