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More Wacky Sports!

More Wacky Sports!

Cheese Rolling:

If you've never heard of cheese rolling before, you might assume it's a calm sport, perhaps something along the lines of bowls but with, well, with cheese! However, cheese rolling is anything but calm or slow paced. It's a barbaric race where people run and tumble down a steep hill to catch massive rolls of cheese, crazy! The most famous event is Cooper's Hill Cheese-Rolling and Wake, held in Gloucestershire, UK, where participants compete using 8 lb rolls of Double Gloucester cheese (that's the weight of a light dumbell). The first competitor to grab the cheese wins and gets to take it home (though I imagine it might need a bit of a wash after all that rolling downhill). Hundreds of people travel to Gloucestershire from across the globe to witness this crazy event, well worth a watch!

Bun Climbing:

The annual Cheung Chau Bun Festival sees thousands of people gather on the small island of Cheung Chau in China to celebrate the festival and watch people climb great Bun Mountains. They are 60-foot-tall steel poles covered with steamed buns and bamboo. Men compete in a race to climb up these towers and collect as many of the buns as possible. The person with the most buns at the end wins (and has lots of tasty snacks). This wacky sport is no joke however as potential bun climbing athletes must first take a training course to learn some mountaineering skills in order to climb the bun tower safely! After this rigorous training 12 lucky finalists are chosen to compete in the grand bun climbing competition. For safety reasons, fake buns are now used to stop the possibility of climbers slipping, which is kind of dissapointing because eating the tasty buns after would be the highlight for me! 

More Wacky Sports!

Buzkashi (goat grabbing)

It literally means goat grabbing and is like polo but with a goat carcass. Two teams on horseback face off against one another with the aim to score by moving the goat carcass into the opposite goal. The carcass of a calf is now used more often as it is more durable than that of a goat and as you can imagine it takes a fair beating with two teams trying to hit it into the other goal. It is literally polo with a dead goat instead of a ball, how wacky! It is the national sport of Afghanistan but not really played anywhere else and it's not hard to see why! Due to the harshness of this sport I decided to leave a picture and the picture to the left is instead of the bun climbing.

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