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More Mythical Creatures!

More Mythical Creatures!

It's time to look again at everything mad, monstrous and mythical and explore with us some more mythical creatures! I can't promise they won't be weird, creepy and downright ugly but that would be boring anyway; make way for more of the best mythical creatures!

The Gorgon Sisters:

These once beautiful women (children of sea Gods) were turned into monsters with live snakes in place of their hair and in some stories their lower body is described as being that of a snake too.  Equipped with their ghastly snake like features and black reptilian wings these foul sisters descended to the edge of the world to live in their lair and hunt any man who should stray close. The most famous of the sisters is Medusa who could turn someone to stone just by looking at them! The oldest sister, Stheno, was most bloodthirsty and said to have killed twice the men of her two sisters and finally Euryale who could kill with her scream and in some tales could also turn people to stone. Read the Perseus and Medusa myth to learn some more about the mortal of the three sisters, the snake headed Medusa.


These creatures were a twisted mix of witch and bird, evil and cruel in all the myths there isn't much to like about Harpies. They have the head, torso and arms of women but claws, tail, wings and legs of birds of prey. These ugly birdlike creatures would snatch people's food from then when they were eating and fight off any intruders with their razor sharp talons and claws!


More Mythical Creatures!

The Minotaur:

A great and feared monster the minotaur has the head of a bull and the body of a man and lived in King Minos' labyrinth on the island of Crete. There he slaughtered and ate hundreds of Athenians sent to their doom until the young hero Theseus was able to slay the beast. There are different interpretations of the minotaur, some say that it was half man and half bull not just the head of a bull, and some show the creature as a centaur with a bull's head! Whichever interpretation you look at this was a great and terrifying monster of mythology.

The Hydra:

Sibling to the hyrid monster the Chimera, the Hydra was a multi serpent headed beast that guarded one of the entrances to the Underworld in Greek Mythology. It was defeated by the Demi God hero Heracles (Hercules in Roman and as he is more commonly known today) in the second of his twelve trials but it was a great monster who grew back another two heads every time it lost one and only a true hero of men like Heracles could defeat it. On top of its sheer size and weight and multiple venemous heads it also emitted toxic fumes and ended many men in mythology until Heracles was able to defeat it.  

I hope you enjoyed reading about some more Mythical creatures, the picture at the top is the Gorgon sisters and at the bottom the Hydra. Look out for even more magical and mythical creatures to come!


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