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Anastassia Puttnam

Anastassia Puttnam


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About Me:Hello my name is Anastassia Puttnam and I am one of the writers for kings news.I am always smiling and tremendously determined to do anything that is thrown at me. Furthermore people describe me as a quirky character with whacky ideas...that's why I now write these stories. However when I grow up I have always really wanted to be a doctor/heart surgeon, so thats my aim :)

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Midnight. Part1

Midnight. Part1

Wisps of clouds danced across the sky, absorbing any light that was emitted from the moon. The sky beamed with an eerie glare as it loomed above the towering walls. Dilapidated buildings traced the radius of the two remaining walls, which stood like soldiers, as they protected the vulnerable girl that sat pondering over a picture that was clasped in her hands. Her mind oblivious to the crippled man that darted from either wall watching her, as she listlessly stared at the photo. It was slightly crumpled and had soft lines engrained into it - four figures were printed onto the paper in a black and white tone. In the middle was a baby with chubbier features of what the girl had now and wearing a white silk dress, that hung low to the knees of the relative that was holding her. She wiped her finger repeatedly over a mans face that was in the picture, but it was misty and unclear. She had never known what her Father looked like, had never met him, and was unaware to what it would be like to have a Dad.            


The girl was around ten years old and being caught up in the middle of a bomb attack was dangerous; her Mother and Sister were nowhere to be found. The photo she held was the last precious memory of what she has left of them. Still unbeknown to her, the old man continued to lurk whilst a stray tear meandered down his face, and touched the top of his lips. He had been following her around all day to make sure that she was the one he was looking for. Eventually he built up enough courage to go over to her and tell her who he was.


'I'm your Fathers, Father.' He said 'My name is Robert Hinderly, I'm your Grandad.'


At first the girl began to cautiously stand up and tightened her fist together. Without warning he outstretched an arm with a picture of her Dad and a letter attached to the back. Immediately, she threw her arms around the man, unsteadying his feet slightly, and held onto him so tightly that she never wanted to let go. 


'I remember you!' She exclaimed 'I met you once when I was younger, and Mummy always spoke about you!' 
With that he guided her to an area, a little out of London and looked after her until she was old enough to learn what had happened to her family.

End of Part One.⁠⁠⁠⁠

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