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Dabeluchi Nnachetam

Dabeluchi Nnachetam


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About Me: Hello, I'm Dabbie (short for Dabeluchi). I am a student at Dartford Grammar School for Girls. I love reading mystery books, and solving the mystery with the author. I hope you enjoy reading my stories.

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Mermaid Mission Part 3

Mermaid Mission Part 3

He had been ready for her arrival. He heard the slow flaps of her tail hitting against the water as she approached his land. He pulled the glimmering crystal from his neck and shoved it into the hole allocated in the door and left in order to start his master plan. He was followed by his evil minions. He turned to face the door and nodded at both of them. After completing their part of the plan, they went through the door – one with a shell, the other with a crystal.  


   Ariana slowed her swimming as she edged closer to the entrance. She climbed on the walls, looking for a hidden entrance. Her fingers were pressed on the rocky surface. The princess felt a hole and dug her finger in, slowly pulling space to fit in. Head first and pulled the rest through the space.  


   She stayed on the ceiling and observed her surroundingsShe almost fell in shock. Her heart froze. “Mum?” Ariana exclaimed with teary eyes. She ran to her mum’s cave and wrapped her arms around her. Rodrick has his ear against the shell listening through the other shell implanted by his minions. 


“I’ve missed you! How did you? When did you? I just can’t believe you are here!” Anna kisses her daughter’s forehead. She told her story from the very beginningLittle did she know that more people than expected were eagerly listening. She stopped mid-sentence and jumped behind a large, sharp-pointed irregular rock. 


“Sorry to ruin such a precious moment. Mother and daughter. Once so close but at least now you can leave this world together.” Rodrick paced around the lair. He carefully climbed onto the rock and looked down. “I am surprised you made it all the way, little princess. Was it too hard? After all, you are only a little girl.” Under pressure, she crawled away.  

“Trying to hide, are we? Well, why bother when I can bring you to me.” Rodrick changed location and walked in the direction of Queen Anna’s cave. He bent down and brought out his hands to grab her. Out of nowhere, Ariana landed squashing Rodrick. She rolled off him in front of her mother.  


“Back off!” she called firmly without hesitation.  Anna leaned forward to hold her daughter’s hand. She was so proud of her little angel and how far she had come. Ariana smiled and wiped the tear from her eye.  


   He slowly started to get up but then she threw a spear at him out of nowhere. While Rodrick recovered, she vigorously pulled the coralJust before she was able to tie the rope, the necromancer broke out of the plant and pushed Ariana off him and rose to his feet. She fell across the room and struggled to reach the coral due to the pain she was feeling. His head pounding. The evil master plunged himself towards the vault. He looked through the hole. He saw Ariana at the centre with the middle of the cross on her chest. He smiled. Rodrick smiled. An evil smile.  


3 O’Clock!” The queen shouted, from the top of her voice. As the message hit her ear drums she tucked and rolled backwards.  


   Her hands felt the wall and used it to pull herself upAnna raced her mind for ideas. It hit her so she called out loudly, “The rock!” Ariana tried to wrestle the rock. During this attempt, it opened in half and she saw a gun. One so big, so powerful that she could barely hold it so she fired away and the dart followed with pin point accuracy. The invisible walls faded and the prisoners crawled out in joy. At long last, they were free. She ran to her mother and they left together to return home. Anna kisses her daughter’s forehead. Mother and daughter together forever.  

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