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Dabeluchi Nnachetam

Dabeluchi Nnachetam


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About Me: Hello, I'm Dabbie (short for Dabeluchi). I am a student at Dartford Grammar School for Girls. I love reading mystery books, and solving the mystery with the author. I hope you enjoy reading my stories.

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Mermaid Mission Part 1

Mermaid Mission Part 1

The entrance was marked with a stone archway with Atlantis engraved with capital letters. Behind the archway was a beautiful landscape filled with coral, mushrooms, underwater plants, fishes of all types  and a  variety of rocks. The whole city was shining with colourful jellyfish gleaming in the water. It was a joyful kingdom. Further into the kingdom, there was a massive building with Greek columns. Inside were luxurious rooms with a mouth-watering feast in one and a throne - made from a clam – in another. Upon that clam sat King Richard. The king was a cheerful fellow. He had wavy wet blonde hair flowing down his shoulders. His golden crown sat on his head with sharp pointed edges and curved around his whole head. He wore nothing but scaly baby blue tail with a sky blue Magic Monofin. His hands wrapped around the trident. The trident was a powerful weapon that the king inherited. It looks like a huge fork but has magic. The king was aware of the power that it contained and therefore kept it close at all times. His father had warned him that it could easily fall into the wrong hands. King Richard never forget and did as his dad instructed. He sat laughing with his advisor. His advisor was short with brunette hair up to shoulders. He wore an orange tail and held an oyster with a leaf. He jotted down some things as the king and him engaged in a conversation about the kingdoms wellbeing. 

   Ariana bursted in to the rooms and swam as fast as a racer. She overloaded him with questions on the arrival of the army. Ariana was  tall with wavy blonde hair brushed back into a low ponytail. She wore a crimson red tail that had belonged to her mother. It was a fierce and bold red. You could not mistake it for anything elseShe had always wanted to join the army ever since she was a kid. She used to play warriors with her mum when she was younger and learned some key defence positions. She had begged her dad to let her join but he strictly forbade it. Ariana just wanted to be like her mother. 

Her mother was a warrior. She was a part of the army. Queen Anne used to let Ariana come to their meetings, making her feel like a part of this incredibly talented teamShe would watch in awe. It was so cool how they could flip and do tricks with their weapons. Sometimes when she thought no one was watching, Ariana attempted these tricks. Her mum would laugh to herself as she watched from the ajar door. 

    The army were returning from the search location directed by the king. Although to everyone’s grief, they came back into with bad news. A year ago,  the queen set out with her army to find and destroy Rodrick. Unfortunately, she never returned. Ariana couldn’t wait to see her again as she was finally of age to start training. Her heart tore when she discovered the disappearance of her beloved mother. She liked to keep her emotions wrapped up in a bottle and hidden away from everyone else. 

    Rodrick had been on the loose for over five years. They had only recently discovered his location. With this in mind, the Queen thought it would be the perfect opportunity to finally end his reign over his prisoners and servants that he take hostage of. Their kingdom had lived in enough terror and fear. Ariana had always wanted to complete her mother’s legacy ever since she became a victim of this foul creature.





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