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Meat-free 'Meat' Review: Part 3

Meat-free 'Meat' Review: Part 3

Here are my thoughts on some more meat-free foods to try if you don’t eat meat:


     1)  Quorn Roast Chicken Style Sliced Fillets  -  First things first; taste. The taste of these fillets is lovely. You really get an authentic chicken taste, resembling that of cold chicken at delis. You could add this to a salad to mimic a ‘chicken’ Caeser Salad. Equally you could add these fillets to a soup, a stir-fry, a curry, anything you like really. The texture of this little chicken bites is also very good, and not too chewy. The only downside for me if the price; I feel like this pack costs a bit too much for how much product you get. But, if you need a versatile ‘meat’ product, and especially if you can get this on offer, I would recommend trying these chicken pieces. You can buy these at all major supermarkets.


          Rating: 4/5  


      2)  Linda McCartney Vegetarian Sausages  -  These sausages are plain in flavour, unlike the sausages I mentioned in a previous articles. This, I think, is one of the main downsides of the product. Unfortunately, without a flavour such as red onion, this product is almost a little bland. Equally, the texture is somewhat strange too, so without the flavour, these aren’t immensely appealing. The taste when cooked is ok, but I wouldn’t go further than that. When accompanying vegetables, gravy and potatoes for example, they improve, but only so much. If you’re on a budget, these aren’t bad sausages to try, but they aren’t to everyone’s taste. You can find these at all major supermarkets.


         Rating: 3/5  


     3)  Morrisons Cheese and Onion Bakes  -  If you don’t fancy something that directly mimics meat, then these cheese and onion bakes are a good option. You get two in a pack, and given the taste, these are very good value. They bakes have a light, crispy bread-crumb coating, filled with a delicious gooey centre. As soon as you cut it open, a beautiful creamy cheese sauce seeps out, and coupled with the onions in the sauce, it tastes wonderful. These bakes go really well with most vegetables and potatoes, to create a full meal.


        Rating 4/5  

      4)  Quorn Mince  -  This is a very useful product due to its versatility. You can add this mince to a chilli mix or to a spaghetti bolognese, or a shepherd’s pie, among other things. The taste is very similar to that of actual mince, which means you could easily serve this to people who normally eat meat. The texture is slightly different, and a little spongy, but this does not detract from the taste. The product is easy to cook too, and doesn’t take very long, meaning you can cook a quick meal.  Again, this is slightly more expensive, so I would recommend trying this if it is on offer. You can buy this at all major supermarkets.

       Rating: 4/5 



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