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Meat-free 'Meat' Review

Meat-free 'Meat' Review

With so many vegetarians and vegans in today’s society, there is an abundance of ‘meat-free’ products around, with every supermarket having their own range, and big brands such as ‘Quorn’ and ‘Linda McCartney’ producing even more products, so it can be hard to know what to buy. I am going to review some meat-free ‘meat’ products, i.e, meat-free chicken, meat-free burgers etc, to let you know what is worth trying. Although not everyone is interested in these products, they can a great way of getting protein, and a way of enabling you to have more similar meals to your friends and family. Equally, many of us enjoyed the taste of meat products, but do not want to eat them for ethical reasons, so, it is nice to have replacement products that do not compromise our ethics.


     1)  Morrisons Meat Free Burgers  -  These come in a pack of six, and are not only meat-free, but suitable for vegans too. They are very quick to cook, either on the grill or in a pan, and they taste absolutely delicious. The taste is so convincing, you’ll find yourself checking, and rechecking the label to see if it has meat in it! Many of my non-vegetarian friends also really enjoy these, and have genuinely asked if we were eating meat or not! These burgers are really great value, working out at only 25p a burger, and for the amount of flavour they have, that’s incredible. Morrisons have not only nailed the flavour, but the texture too. I highly recommend trying these burgers next time you go to Morrisons.


           Rating: 5/5


       2)  Quorn Steak and Gravy Pie  -  This pie is usually available in the snack section or healthy foods section at a supermarket. It is certainly a pleasant change to have pies on offer, especially classic pies such as steak. Everything about this pie works well; the pastry is rich and crumbly, just as it should be, and the ‘steak’ pieces have a good texture, with just the right amount of chewiness. The gravy is what really tops it off though. It has a perfect thickness and a beautiful flavour, that is both strong and complimentary, and works extremely well with the pieces of ‘steak.’ I strongly recommend this pie, if you fancy a nice savoury ‘meat’ dish. The only downside is that it is a little pricey, but not unaffordable if you don’t have it regularly.


         Rating 5/5


     3)  Linda McCartney Vegetarian Red Onion and Rosemary Sausages  -  These sausages are slightly unusual in texture, but upon eating, they become a lot nicer! The flavour is what really redeems this product. The Red onion with the herb really goes well, and actually makes the sausages quite moreish. You could use these as makeshift hotdogs, or with mashed potato and vegetables for a hearty meal. They are reasonably priced and high in protein, so definitely worth a try.


       Rating 4/5  


    4)  Cauldron Falafel  -  Unlike the other products, this product isn’t directly mimicking a meat product, but, it does make a wonderful substitute for meat, and is perfect, especially in the summer months, as it goes so well with salads, and in wraps. Unlike other brands, Cauldron manages to create falafel that isn’t too dry, and can actually be eaten by itself, without fear of desperately needing water to swallow it! The product is well spiced, and has a nice subtle blend of chickpeas and coriander, among other things. These falafels really are very tasty, and are a great alternative to having meat with your meal.


        Rating 4/5  


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