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Making an Old-fashioned Letter

Making an Old-fashioned Letter

The next craft we’re going to look at is one I remember being impressed with as a child, perhaps because of my love of the Harry Potter books and films. In this article we’re going to look at how you can make letters look old-fashioned and fancy like the one’s sent by Hogwarts. Even if you’re just giving them by hand, this trick can make party invitations look much more exciting and impressive. I remember receiving an invitation made like this when I was a child, and wanting to learn how to do it myself. It’s so simple and a nice easy craft to learn as well.


To begin, you will need the following things:

Two pieces of paper.

A Teabag


For the first step, you are going to want to make your paper look old and parchment-like. To do this, you should first rip of all of the edges of one of the pieces. This piece will be the letter itself while the other will be the envelope. Try to keep the end result square-shaped, but don’t worry if the shape gets a bit lost, since this will add to the antique feel of your letter. Then scrunch this piece up into a tight ball, and unroll it again. This makes the paper look weathered. You can then make tea and leave it to cool, before putting the paper in a baking tray with edges and pouring the tea over it. Leave it for about 5 minutes before pouring away the water and letting the paper dry. You can speed up this process with a blow-dryer. This gives the paper the colour of the tea, which is the colour of old parchment. You can also make the colour of your parchment less even by using a wet teabag and just wiping it across the surface of your paper. This is good for making your parchment look even older, but may take a longer time.

Next write your message on the piece of paper that is the letter itself (the one with ripped edges. This will look best with an ink pen. You may have pens like this from doing handwriting practice at school as I did, or you can buy them from any stationary shop. Remember if you’re buying a new one then you’ll need to also get ink cartridges with which to fill it. Biros were only developed very recently, so if your letter is written with one of these, it will break the illusion of it being ancient. If you want the letter to be really historically accurate, you can go all out and use a feather quill and a pot of ink to write with on your invitation.

There will be a second article, showing you the next steps, which will involve making an envelope out of the second piece of paper, and sealing this with a wax seal. This can look very professional, but if you’re interested in finishing your project here, due to shortages of time, you may like to make this letter into an ancient looking scroll, by rolling it up and then tying it with a piece of string instead. This can also look very nice and takes less time, but makes posting the letter a little less of a possibility. For those who want to continue with the project, continue to the next article. It is important to realise that all of the techniques discussed here can be emitted and adjusted to personal taste or to suit specific needs, and can even be used for other unrelated craft projects in creative ways.


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