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Make Your Own Skittles

Make Your Own Skittles

If your family is anything like mine, you’ll always have plastic bottles lying around ready to be recycled. What kind of plastic bottles you choose are not important. However, they must all be the same size. What is important about them is how much fun you can have with them before you chuck them away! Ready to find out how? All you need is:


- 6 or 10 plastic bottles (all the same size)

- Paint

- Paint brushes

- Sand

- A small ball (a tennis ball for example)


The first thing you need to do is wash out all of your bottles. This is vital if you’re using bottles that used to have fizzy drinks in them. Once you’ve washed them out leave them upside down on a drying rack to dry. When they’re dry, screw their lids back on nice and tightly and prepare an area where you can paint. It’s a good idea to cover the area you want to paint in with newspaper so you don’t make too much mess.


You can paint your bottles however you like. Personally, I like to paint in as many bright colours as possible. In my experience, it takes two coats of paint to completely cover the bottles. Make sure you let each coat of paint dry before you do the next one. Once you have your bottles covered in one colour, you can paint patterns on them to make them look even better! It could take up to a day for these bottles to completely dry, depending on what paint you use. There are lots of brands of quick dry paints you can buy in craft stores everywhere.


When your bottles are dry they are nearly ready to go. All that’s left to do is to fill each one up with a little bit of sand. Make sure each bottle has the same amount of sand in it. The sand gives the bottles a little bit of weight which makes them more difficult to knock down. Why do we want to knock the bottles down, you ask? To play skittles of course!


By following these steps you’ve created yourself a homemade set of skittles. These can supply you and your friends and family with endless hours of fun. Making your own is a lot cheaper than going to a bowling alley, and once you’ve made them you have a set for life. You can use a tennis ball or a small football as your bowling ball and you can set up your skittles set anywhere in the house – just make sure you don’t play near anything breakable!


Remember, when you’re painting, wear clothes that you don’t mind getting messy and always wash your paint brushes after you’ve used them. If you let your paint brushes dry with paint on them it becomes very difficult to clean them, which means you won’t be able to use them next time you want to paint something. Also, by tidying up as you go along, your parents are less likely to be annoyed when you set up your own bowling tournament with your friends at your house. Have fun!

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