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Make Your Own Christmas Crackers

Make Your Own Christmas Crackers

With Christmas fast approaching, what better way to get crafty than to make than Christmas crackers! With time off school during the holidays, you’ll have plenty of time to create your own crackers to put around the dinner table. This fun craft activity will save you an hour or so of boredom, whilst also helping your parents save a bit of money. If you’re feeling particularly inspired, you could personalise your crackers and put particular gifts in them for members of your friends and family… but make sure you remember to put names on them so you don’t mix them up! You could even put your Christmas presents in these crackers instead of wrapping them up in wrapping paper, but only if they’re small of course!  To make your own crackers you’ll need the following things:


- Tissue paper

- Thin card

- Sellotape

- Snaps

- Scissors

- Glitter glue

- Thread or ribbon

- Small gifts to put inside the cracker


Now you’ve gathered these must-haves it’s time to start.


First, decide how many crackers you want to make. Second, make this many hats out of tissue paper. This bit is easy. All you need to do is measure a strip of tissue paper into a standard head size, using your head or a friends, and then cut them to the right length. Once you’ve done this, cut one of the long edges so it’s a zig zag shape, and glue or tape the short edges together. Simple! You can put these in your crackers along with hand written jokes and small gifts. Make sure you fold them up neatly so they fit in the cracker and don’t break.


Next it’s time to make your cracker. Take an A4 sheet of thin card and cut it into three equal pieces. Lay the three bits of card onto an A3 sheet of tissue paper. Put your snap, hat, joke, and gift in the centre of the middle card. You can buy the snaps in a local craft store. Once you’ve done this you can tape the middle card into a rolled, cylinder shape. You could use an empty toilet paper roll for this middle piece.


Now you need to roll the other two pieces of card and tape them in place. Make sure the ends of the snap are in either side of the end rolls of card. You might want to tape them in place too. Roll the tissue paper around all three of the card cylinders. Take some thread and wrap it around the spaces in between the cylinders and knot them in place. These bits of thread are what create the cracker shape. If you want your crackers to look really pretty, you could use ribbons instead of thread, and tie the ends of the ribbons in bows!


Your cracker is almost complete. Now all you need to do is decorate it with some glitter glue! Other options for decoration include using felt tips or gluing shapes on the tissue paper. Equally, you could you tissue paper with patterns on it, or even wrapping paper for the outside of your cracker. Merry Christmas!

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