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Emma Eismontaite

Emma Eismontaite


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About Me:Hello! My name is Emma, and I'm fifteen. I do tennis as well as horse-riding. Also, I love Art and English, and have chosen to write stories because I love creative writing! x

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Love of Time (1)

Love of Time (1)

Everybody thinks I am a witch. They think I have dark, powerful magic hidden up my sleeve. They think I am here to meddle with humans. They taunt me, tease me, hurt me. They think I am a witch.


     I am not.


     I just love time.


     Quite literally, I have spent all of my life making this, poring over nights of working, designing, creating. I have devoted my life to time.


     And here she is.


     I call her Aeon. Not the watch, but time itself. Aeon means timeless. It’s just a small, regular pocket watch with an abnormally long golden chain. You might ask how I have managed to change the function of a pocket watch from ticking to being able to transport you to another time, dimension or place? Well, isn’t there a famous (and now rather over said and, in my opinion, irritating) saying: a magician never reveals his secrets? Except, most people think I am a witch. And, well, it’s not about to stay a secret anymore.


      Most people only know that I can transport into the past or the future. But no-one knows about the places I have been to, and what it’s done to me. People think that the symptoms resulting in myself looking like this are only because the government are keeping a close and violent watch. They don’t realise it’s because of her.


     I am not here to ramble on about how I made this particularly precious watch; that would be an even longer story, and frankly, quite boring.


     No, I am here to talk about how time ruined my life.


     Quite depressing, you say? Well, I am not here to cheer you up; I am here to show what can happen to you if you meddle with her.




1. Wrap the chain around the number of people time-travelling.


2. Turn the watch knob 360 degrees as many times as millenniums you want to go back or forward, then set the hands to which planet you want to go to (every day the planets on the watch change).


3. Be prepared for severe travel sickness.




1. Do not get killed, because you will not return to the present if you do.


2. Do not change the flow of events; do not try to save or harm anybody, it will cause serious damage to time and yourself.


3. You can only observe.


4. Do not give ANYBODY the pocket watch – if you take off the watch from around your neck, you will have to stay in that time forever.


5. If you break the pocket watch, you will automatically die.


6. No exceptions.


Now, after you have acquainted yourself with the rules that I accompanied with myself to all the different places, you must join me to my first destination:



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