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Loom Bands

Loom Bands

Loom bands have been described as 'the hottest trend of summer 2014' and there's little to disprove that statement. I am currently wearing two, made by seven and thirteen year olds respectively. They eliminate any previous need I had to wonder into a clothes shop and spend precious English pounds on real bracelets. They're great.

It's possible you could be unaware of what a loom band is. Does anyone remember the fleeting trend of scoubis? Little rubber strings everyone except you could knit into neat little strings and hang from keyrings? Just me?
Loom bands are bracelets made of coloured rubber bands. They're amazingly versatile and sold in many different styles ranging from glow in the dark to colour changing in the sunlight. You can also buy charms to hang from them, and if you're pretty good you can fashion necklaces and other accessories.

It doesn't sound life changing, but it certainly has been for the creator, Cheong Choon Ng, now a multi-millionaire. I'm just jealous of him because he has the knowledge of how to ping bands off the heads of people he doesn't like, and the luxury to swim through rooms of dollar bills.

Everyone from Harry Styles to an unknown girl I sat next to on the train is riddled to their armpits with loom bands, so if you haven't already tried making a few of your own, here's how you can make your first in the standard single band pattern.


DISCLAIMER: Make sure to be careful using loom bands around younger brothers and sisters, as the bands are a choking hazard.

You will need:

Loom band kit. There are so many variations on the bands that you'd do well to have a trawl through Amazon before committing to the standard rainbow set. If I ever buy loom bands of my very own (it's looking likely) I will go for glittery bands, which you can pick up on Amazon for only 70p.


Band placing

STEP 1: Start with 13 bands of one colour (A bands) and 12 bands in another (B bands)

STEP 2: Start from the centre pin (the one closest to you) and attach your first band (your A band) from the first middle pin to the outside pin on the right, in a zig zag pattern.

STEP 3:Wrap your B band around the second pin (outside pin on the right) and stretch it in the same zig zag pattern to the second centre pin (behind the first centre pin). Slide down to secure.

STEP 4: Place another A band on the second centre pin and stretch to the second pin on the right, following the same method as before.

STEP 5: Repeat this step, placing bands in a zig zag pattern, all the way to the end of the pin base.


Band looping


STEP 6: Turn the pin base around so the end you are furthest from is now at your front. Start from the second pin (the first with two bands on it) with the hook side facing away from you. Use the flat part of the hook to pull the bands back as you loop them.

STEP 7: Pull band A backwards before grabbing band B and pulling it around your original third pin. It should form a tear drop shape – place the hook in the channel of the pin and lift the band up and over to the next pin.

STEP 8: Repeat this step until complete.




STEP 9: When you reach the the last pin, slide your hook through the channel and pull the last band to the pin panel now on your right (the untouched panel)

STEP 10: Grab your c clip and place securely over the band. Lift your bracelet from the loom and secure to the other end. You've made it.


HEY PRESTO YOU'RE A GENIUS! I found that whole process so confusing it's probably best I leave it to my youngers – you, the looming youth of today. I hope I can buy your freshly made loom bands from eBay one day.


For more guidance on how to make loom bands, go to!


IMAGE: author's own


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