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London for Londoners

London for Londoners

It's easy for us to overlook what tourists would consider London's gems as we live our day to day life. We are all guilty of convincing ourselves that we'll see it later, that we have all the time in the world, that we don't want to seem like tourists - whatever excuse we seem to have. But, considering that 31.5 million people flocked to London last year, perhaps it is well worth letting go of any excuses that encourage you to postpone your explorations and instead go out and experience London this summer. 


1. Sky Garden 


London has a beautiful landscape which is well worth seeing from as many angles that you possibly can. Sky Gardens offers a 360 degrees view of London without the cost that other populated attractions like the Shard have. In addition, it has a bar and a restaurant which you can enjoy as you take in the view. 


2. Rooftop cinema 


With all the new releases coming out, a trip to the cinema may well be due. However, if you want a change from the typical dark auditoriums then consider attending a rooftop cinema. 

There are many roof top cinemas dotted around London, such as in Stratford, Shoreditch, Kensington and Peckham. These cinemas also offer a selection from classics such as Pretty Woman, Clueless, the Notebook, Breakfast at Tiffanys, Roman Holiday and Dirty Dancing to newer releases such as the Revenant, 500 days of Summer, Inception and Top Gun.

General admissions is £15.00 and tickets sell out fast! 


3. Jazz Bars


Whether you believe that jazz is back or that jazz never died, jazz bars in London are plentiful and they're all ready for your arrival. 

A great example is the Dalston Jazz Bar which is a restaurant with a live jazz band playing. Not only does this restaurant offer unusual food such as crocodiles, zebras and sharks, the menu also doesn't have a price tag! Customers can choose what they want to pay based on the quality of the food.


4. Museums


London is famous for having free, world-class museums which hold some of the worlds most prized relics. Visiting the same museum once or even twenty times in your childhood shouldn’t lead you to believe that you know that particular museum inside out. Revisiting a museum allows you to discover things you accidentally missed out the first time or, to appreciate any new instalments. 

An all time favourite is the British Museum which offers a range of displays of the Ancient Egyptians with the Rosetta Stone and an actual mummy to displays of Chinese culture. With a closing hour of 8.30pm on a Friday, this gives you plenty of time to pop in and have a look around. 


There is no better time than now to explore London. 


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