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London Dungeons!

London Dungeons!

When you're looking for somewhere to go London is always a good option with so much to see and do for all the family, but how about what's underneath the busy city streets? The London Dungeons take you on a journey in history that covers all the bloody and gruesome details of London's past that your teachers at school are too scared to learn about! The dungeon is packed with exciting things to see and do like the creepy boat ride, close encounters with the notorious victorian villian Jack the Ripper and infamous events like the 'Great Fire of London'. Perhaps the highlight of the entire experience is the thrilling 'gallows ride'; join convicted criminals in the hangman's noose and try not to fall! I guarantee you will be talking about your trip round the London Dungeons for weeks after and if you are really brave you could visit the Clink Prison of medieval torture equipment too on London's South Bank for a truly frightful day out. So have you got the guts to brave the most ghostly and gory of London's histroy? If you think you can handle it, the dungeons are the place for you young adventurer!    

Considered a family attraction the Dungeons are best enjoyed by older children and younger adolescents. A mixture of actors, rides and special effects ensures a fun and frightful day for all the family. Groups are taken on tours round the dungeons at regular intervals so the wait is never long and the fully interactive nature of the attraction makes it fun for all. Having recently moved the Dungeons are located bankside near the London Eye and the closest station is Waterloo East or Waterloo Tube station.   


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