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Legends of the Fall

Legends of the Fall

Legends of the Fall is a dramatic and powerful story about family, love and nature and how they all intertwine, defining us and all of our surroundings. The story follows the three brothers of the Ludlow Family, and their father, who live in the remote wilderness of the Montana countryside on a ranch. One of the good things about this film is the stunning scenery and wildlife of the film’s set which is used to emphasise the messages that the film seeks to portray. The three Brothers, Alfred, Tristan and Samuel, have all grown up far from the corruption of cities and towns having roamed free all their lives, with Tristan even embracing the rituals of the Native American Indians that they share their home with. The youngest brother Samuel is seen as the baby of the family with the other brothers always watching over him. When American troops join the First World War in 1917 Samuel is determined to be a part of the war effort so decides to head to France to enlist, leaving his fiancée Susannah behind. Tristan promises Susannah he will protect Samuel and so he and Alfred follow their younger brother to France and ultimately to War. The effect of WWI is what drives the whole family into madness and despair. With the heartbreaking death of Samuel the two brothers eventually return home to the ranch and Susannah and Tristen begin a love affair, a decision which is to effect the entire family for years to come. Samuel’s death is the catalyst for many of the events in this film, causing such grief to his brothers that it splits them apart worsening the relationships between each of the Ludlow family members and those around them. The film has an amazing cast, with Brad Pitt and Anthony Hopkins starring as the major roles of Tristen and his Father Colonel William Ludlow, and an incredible music score to run alongside it. This film is a very emotional one, not just in sadness, but also in anger as we see the effect that the death of one person can have on a family unit. I would recommend this film to all, as it has such a detailed and incredible storyline that I couldn’t possibly explain it all here at once for fear of spoiling the ending. The Native American character One Stab explains in the film the effect that living with nature can have on someone, and sums up the reason for the title of the film; in living with nature “they live by what they hear. Such people become crazy, but they become legends”.



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