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Legend by Marie Lu

Legend by Marie Lu

Legend by Marie Lu is a book for slightly more advanced readers as it is classed as Young Adult. So if you’re under twelve you should probably not read it. That being said, it’s a great book which I love. This book is a dystopian novel, which means it takes place in a future world where things are very different from how they are now. In this world, America is split into two due to natural disasters. The part of America we discover in this book is called the Republic. The Republic is a military state where, at the age of ten, children are tested on their physical and mental abilities in order to decide what kind of schooling they are allowed to obtain. The top scoring students go to the best military schools where they learn to be soldiers. This is where one of our two protagonist excels. June Iparis is the only child to score 100% on the test and is top of her year at school (and a number of years above her too). She is the Prodigy of the Legend and everyone has heard of her.


Day is our other protagonist. He failed the test and lives in a poor district as a most-wanted criminal. His family have hardly any money and his youngest brother is ill, possibly with the plague that is spreading around the cities. Because of this, he breaks into a hospital in order to steal plague medicine which is too expensive for his family to acquire. However, the escapade doesn’t go to plan and Day ends up having to stab a soldier to manage to escape. That soldier is Metias Iparis, June’s older brother and only family. After this sequence of events, June is chosen to lead the investigation to find Day and avenge her brother’s death. Her first attempt to make contact with Day is cleverly hijacked by Day himself. She tries to persuade him that she has plague drug to sell him, but he avoids making a physical presence with some cheeky technological fixes.


After this failure, June decides to take to the streets, pretending to be homeless to find out more about Day. She gets injured in a fight and Day and his friend Tess luckily find her and manage to nurse her to health. Tess is particularly good at playing doctor on the street so June is in good hands. June gets close to Day and Tess, eventually finding out who he is and weirdly forming a strong bond with him, despite her thoughts that he killed her older brother. From here, June knows she needs to bring him to justice and get him in the hands of the soldiers she serves. But what will she do? Things aren’t exactly as they seem and a sequence of plots and secrets come to light throughout the book. What is true? Who can Day and June trust? This is a book you won’t be able to put down, and then you’ll want to go straight out and buy the other two books in the trilogy. Enjoy!

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